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August 10 2007

EW profiles "Will the Vampire People Please Leave the Lobby?" Entertainment Weekly featured Allyson Beatrice's book in its July 30th edition. If you missed that, get caught up online.

I got this book from Amazon today. After work, I came home in a particularly foul mood, and lo and behold - this book had me alternately crying "No! I'm not alone!" and laughing out loud within the first 2 chapters.
I just read the book, and love it. Sat right down as soon as it arrived, and read it cover-to-cover. Allyson has an amazing talent for going straight to what's funny and sad and true about a situation, and telling about it in an entertaining way. It's a book that will be reread again and again.

Congratulations, Allyson! And when can we expect your next book? ;)
Finished reading the book last weekend - it's a great read! Thanks, Allyson!
It is a wonderful book! I think I need my mom to read it so she can understand this fandom thing....
Looks great! I'll have to buy it soon.
Congratulations Allyson! I am getting my copy this week.

Note on the EW article: just how would Tim Minear rate as a "little guy" (as opposed to a "big cheese")???

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I've been calling Tim "one of the little people" ever since.

I love it when people lend the book to family members to explain how it all goes down and why we keep logging in.
I'll have to check out this book.

Out of curiosity, which episode of Minear's did she think was sexist?
Here's a great review by someone who really gets it and isn't even a Buffy fan.
I had issues with Billy.
Wow, life is strange indeed! Just popped in for a quick puruse, really shouldn't be taking the time to post, but I'm always fascinated by cases of perception that are so totally opposed that it's difficult to find words.
In short, I found Billy to be one of ther most profoundly moving feminist statements ever on AtS, which was never quite as overtly feminist as BtS.
I guess that's that's what makes the world go 'round.
I don't know exactly what your beef is, but I guess I could see that. I was watching Billy earlier today. It's personally one of my favorite episodes, but it can get fairly heavy-handed. Like Cordy's speech to Lilah about abuse. As Giles would say, the subtext rapidly becomes text.

Even though on the surface it's firmly anti-misogny, there are definitely some moments that seem counter to that message. For one, Angel comes in and kind of patronizingly takes over the fight for Cordy.

And there is something somewhat disturbing about being sympathetic toward Wesley during his brief evil phase. What he says toward Fred is horrible, but it is how he feels, just twisted and distorted. He's obviously frustrated by his feelings toward Fred, leading to his comments about her tempting him. And, although he says it viciously, he's entirely right about Fred's instinct to seek out a cave-like environment. An argument could be made that the message is that misogny is just natural attitudes expressed particularly strongly.

I dunno if that's what Allyson had in mind when she objected to Billy, but I think I can see where she might be coming from.

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