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August 10 2007

Tooned Up Buffy statue now available for pre-order. Designed by Electric Tiki, it's the Buffster depicted as a cartoon figure.

Thats cool.

I wonder if I could beat Buffy in a game of pool...
That is way too Jessica Rabbit for me.
I don't think I ever saw Buffy do that with her left eyebrow.

Whoah . . . maybe I am obsessive.
Quite uh...perky.
Er, no. Don't like it. If she wasn't holding a stake I'd never guess it was Buffy at all.

I'll pass.
I liked the original sketches for the statue, anyone have a link to those?
That's funny - I kind of like it, but then I don't usually like the 'realistic' statuettes. Horses for courses, I guess.
So now we're getting figures based on a show that never aired, but we can't get a decent Gunn figure?

Normally, I'll pick up anything that has Buffy on it but this just doesn't appeal to me.
I love it. I'd have this statute over some of the others I've seen.
I liked the original sketches for the statue, anyone have a link to those?

Direct link:

So now we're getting figures based on a show that never aired, but we can't get a decent Gunn figure?

The figure has nothing do with Buffy Animated from what I've been told, totally separate thing. But I'm with you on the Gunn figure.
It looks more like "I dream of Jeanie" than Buffy.
Wow. That looks nothing like SMG. If i didn't know it was supposed to be Buffy, I don't think I would have been able to guess.
I was kinda hoping this would would be based on the artwork done for the Animated series. I would love a statue based on that picture of her sitting on the gravestone.
Love it. Already preordered mine.
The sketches of Willow look fabulous also, and I'm oh so excited about Spike and just maybe a Caleb if the line does well.
Cool, it's stick-carrying Barbie ;).

Not generally that into the objet du verse. This is quite nice as statues go, doesn't really make me think of Buffy or SMG though.

(I enjoyed the sketches more, personally, and though they didn't look much like SMG, they conveyed the feel of Buffy better than the statue IMO)
Wow, I love it. I love most of the Tooned Up stuff on this site, though. They mention "starting a collection." Who else do they plan to do? Did someone mention Willow sketches I missed?

Honestly, I think every Buffy line should start with Buffy, Willow, Xander and Giles. But I think the latter two have the tendancy to get the shaft for Faith or Spike all the time.
numbereleven: It would appear that there may be a series if the Buffy figure sells well. You can see the others along with the sketches here.
I love the sketches...but not loving the statue.
"I'm not a Slayer. I'm just drawn that way."

Yeah, Willowy, she sure is perky. They must be reaching for the stars or something...
Doesn't look or feel like Buffy to me. Could appeal to people who play pool, I suppose, if they rename it "Generic Woman Holding Pool Cue".
"Cool, it's stick-carrying Barbie ;)."

Hahaha. Yeah, I think it looks cool, but I'm with you guys that say it doesn't look anything like Buffy. Maybe if she wasn't holding a pool stick, and if she wasn't so...pointy.
I think some of the people who have problems with Tooned Up Buffy are the same people who have problems with comic Buffy...
I think the pool cue may be a reference to a witty scene in "The Harvest" where it served as a makeshift stake in the Bronze. Or it could just be a pool cue.
Pointy, I guess sometimes a pool cue is just a pool cue.


I love the Season 8 comics, in which I don't recall anybody's bosom defying gravity more than the usual. I probably don't need to get über perky Jessica Buffy.
To me, it doesn't look enough like Buffy to spend 89 dollars.
It looks enough like Buffy to spend maybe 12 dollars.

It doesn't even really look like the drawings of Buffy.

The Willow drawing is really good. The Spike is terrible.

The Caleb is pointless. Just make a Mal if you really want a Nathan Fillion.
The pool cue might have been from OMWF, as Buffy sang 'Give Me Something to Sing About' she used one, and wore a bright red top, but the exaggerated female form has never been part of any of the Buffy comics and I don't see why it is part of this sculpture.
Concept = Great
Execution = Not so

She looks like she's trying to decide whether to go slaying or to go play pool. What's up with that?

She'd better be careful where she points those 'things' on her chest. And her face is totally uneven.

So thanks, Sideshow, but no thanks.
I'm with Willowy and QuoterGal, the Jessica Rabbit comparison is spot on. And wasn't a major point of Buffy to turn those stereotypes on their head? Her chest looks like most dangerous weapon in the whole thing (and I find it curious that the sketches of the other females don't seem to have that problem).

Not a fan. :(
Her knees are overly perky, too :) Its just super stylized, you'll either dig it or you won't and life will go on.
The pool cue might have been from OMWF

But that, embers, would make perfect sense.
I'd hafta say I think that's a little dismissive, zeitgeist, as we are 1) suggesting that the super-stylizing resulted in a bad case of torpedo boobs, 2) I for one am pretty sure life will go on, but that doesn't mean in the interim I shouldn't say what I think and why, and 3) because knees are so frequently the issue in these cases.

Yeah, we either dig it or we don't, but I am saying why, and it's not just 'cause it's an art style that that I don't dig. IMHO.

I was just being silly, dude :) 1. True dat, 2. I'm not suggesting you not say what you think and why, 3. Don't you find? ;) I just think that we are on the verge of reading way too much into it/taking it too seriously, so I got with the jokey-ness re: knees. I was just imagining a Slayage essay like: "Perky Boobs on Cartoony Statues and How They Subverted Everything Buffy Stood For." I meant no offense, it just struck me funny after reading some of the Slayage riffs in Allyson's book.

Anyhow no offense/dismissiveness was meant and I apologize for any offense felt, y'all know you're my favorite peeps. As is often said, extra tone of voice type indicators for posts would be so handy.
Dude, that's better than all the other Buffy statues put together. All other likeness merchandise suffers (terribly, imho) from having to look like the actors... and never pulling it off very well. This stylized look works for me. So when do we get Angel? Spike? Ooh, ooh, how about Wesley? Better yet, Woo-style-two-gun Wesley?
I like it, though I could do without the pool cue. And for half the price. I like animated styles like that, though, so I don't mind the over-the-top stylization. I certainly don't mind that it doesn't look like SMG. I'm not picky like that. Same way with the comics; if the representation evokes the character to me, that's enough, or even more important.

But I don't really care to see the other characters done that way.
... and life will go on

Or we all die in a ball of fiery death, screaming in anguish at the things left unsaid and done. Happy weekend everybody ! ;-)

(and I love the comics, I just think a statue of Buffy should, if not look like, at least evoke Buffy - though I agree the likeness to SMG isn't that important. And, in fairness, if it's 'The Harvest' that might make the 'perkiness' in character, back then we - and Buffy - lived in Playtexia, just down the road from Pushuponia ;)
My twopenneth - As a statue I love it although I think the resemblence is fleeting, perhaps the option with the scythe & ponytail would have looked more like her.

The sketches are wonderful (hee look at the expression on Caleb & human Spike) and I think we do need a Gunn Figure - my team Angel isn't complete without him.
I think the important thing is that Buffy never looked that vacuously happy while slaying, in any incarnation that I know of.
Ahh, but maybe she isn't slaying- perhaps she's happy 'cos she's heading off for an exciting night of pool at the Bronze!
Maybe she's off to play pool with Spike and hear a story ;) She doesn't look vacuously happy to me, either, she looks like she's saying, "I can't believe you just said that," or something. Slightly amused, and ready to fire a sarcastic volley back.
She looks generic, and hence boring, to me. Not just not like SMG, which would be fine, but not like any person of character and style at all. But then, I'm not really big on "collectibles" and statues and such anyhow. I do love the Season 8 comics, though, BrownCoat_Tabz, and don't see the connection you are making there?

[ edited by toast on 2007-08-11 16:22 ]
Maybe BrownCoat_Tabz is saying what I was thinking... that this version of the Buff is vaguely George Jeanty-ish? I don't really go for the statues in general, but as far as these things go, I'm kind of digging the toon-like versions. Keeps me from fussing over likenesses to real live people. The Willow & Glory sketches are so punk-rock.
I would argue vigorously that it isn't even remotely Georges Jeanty-ish! I also don't think it looks anything like the aborted cartoon version of Buffy, or like any other earlier Dark Horse comic versions of Buffy that I read. The latter were frequently very cartoonish (not closely patterned after the actors) but never had the exaggerated female form that this statue has. I realize that this is just for fun, but personally I would be happier if DID look more like Georges' work.
For those still hung up on the damn cue stick, look at the sketch for the statue, which is the first one listed if you hit the link to the sketches... it says, "from the episode 'Once More With Feeling'".

Like it or not, there is a valid connection for her to have a cue stick in her hand. Clarified enough for you?
It would seem to me that this statue is about as far from George Jeanty-ish as it could possibly be. Jeanty tends to draw the women in Buffy as little girls, like 12-year-olds. This statue is completely on the other side of the spectrum. Neither are especially appealing to me, but I see no similarity between the two.

And I get why she's holding a cue stick, but it still seems like an odd choice. Sure, she's slain a few vampires with pool cues over the years, and she was holding one in OMWF, but it's hardly an iconic weapon of hers, you know?
For those still hung up on the damn cue stick, look at the sketch for the statue, which is the first one listed if you hit the link to the sketches... it says, "from the episode 'Once More With Feeling'".

It apparently has interchangeable hands, too, so you can, if you so choose, remove the pool cue altogether.

I think I'd buy it (or ask for it for Christmas) if it were half the price.
zeitgeist: "Anyhow no offense/dismissiveness was meant and I apologize for any offense felt, y'all know you're my favorite peeps. As is often said, extra tone of voice type indicators for posts would be so handy."

Thanks, dude, you are the Wizard of Mod. One day (soon, I'm sure) these comments will be posted in audio snippets, and then we'll all hear vox-tones, warts and all, if you'll pardon the mixed imagery and no reason you should.

*takes her no-longer-quite-so-perky-boobs, high squeaky voice and a cue stick and goes off with a vacuous grin on her face in a ball o' flame to play pool and slay with her interchangeable hands...*
QG - :D Got a great chuckle out of your follow-up, thanks for that!
Buffy as envisioned by Tracy Mark Lee works for me every bit as well as Eric Wight's version... and neither one are in the least evocative of Sarah. Sure Tracy's version looks like she is wearing a push-up bra while Eric's Buffy looks like she is strapping them down... but maybe that's just a side effect of Tracy's Buffy being in her early twenties and Eric's being (an immature) sixteen?

Anyway, I like the statue BECAUSE it isn't trying to look like Sarah- when they try to look like her they just end up looking like creepy, cheap dolls to my eye. As a fan of all things Joss, I live in fear that someone will gift me one of the figures from the 'verses and I will have to go with the truthful yet evasive - "how thoughtful!"

This one I'm seriously considering buying for myself.

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