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August 10 2007

Official Serenity Ship's Papers Coming Soon. QMx is coming out with an officially-licensed, leatherbound set of ship's papers. The set was designed by fan-artist Whitefall, under the supervision of Serenity graphic designer Geoff Mandel.

The coolest thing has to be the crew roster page, which has each crew member's name beneath a blank signature line, which you can then have signed the next time you meet one of the actors!

[Disclaimer: While I have been doing some work for QMx, I was not involved in this project, nor did they ask me to post this, so hopefully it will pass the no-self-promotion test.]

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I saw one of Whitefall's fan versions of the ship papers. That thing blew me away. This looks so much better it's crazy. I want!
I was involved with it, at least marginally, and damn, these are some nice looking pages. You wouldn't believe how much attention to detail goes on beforehand.

OK, you guys probably would...
I might have missed something when looking over the page, but does it give any indication as to how one goes about ordering one of these? I must have one!
Wow, I usually don't go for this kind of thing, but this is just NEAT.

This is really good looking work.

QMX's website is

Also this stuff usually shows up at other vendors too like

Probably have to get this to. Gonna need it for when I get the QMX Serenity model with lights and spinning (if possible) engine thing. Maybe the one signed by Nathan Fillion. Probably not the whole crew one...that is GONNA REALLY EXPENSIVE.
I'll be in my bunk.
I wasn't at all interested in this until I learned that there are spaces for signatures. Now, I'll probably get a set if only to get signed!

Is there a release date for these yet?
I just wonder how people keep finding out about these things. Presumably it isn't via QMx Insider, which I can only assume never sends any updates because I've never seen anything from it since I subscribed way back whenever it was.
Wow, that is pretty cool. Bit too expensive for me to actually buy, but if I had an extra $120-130 lying around I'd certainly consider getting these. Love the attention to detail. And it would be terribly cool to get those papers signed on those lines. Heh.
I think I got an QMX email about the Serenity Blueprints a while back.
I think I got an QMX email about the Serenity Blueprints a while back.

Yeah, see, I never got that. I even double-checked today that I was subscribed, and I am.
We're going to chat with QMx about the papers on an upcoming Firefly Talk, if anyone has any questions about them that they'd like us to ask, feel free to send them to

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