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August 10 2007

Tim Minear back for Screenwriting Expo 6. "Tim will participate in this year's Screenwriting Expo with his Breaking the Story Seminar. Sun. Oct 28, 2007 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM".

If you saw his Angel-writing seminar from Screenwriting Expo 4 -- and you should, it's on DVD and it's great -- you'll want to go. And if you do, make him (and the audience) break the last "Drive" episode.

Gotta love Tim's bio on the Screenwriting Expo site:

TIM MINEAR is a professional television writer/producer. Everything he's ever done has been cancelled. Often quickly.

Excellent news indeed, C.A. Bridges. Thanks for mentioning the "Angel" seminar, I wasn't aware of that one.

Tim will have his hey day yet. When the man is bursting at the seams with talent such as his, he'll hit gold soon. Good luck, Tim.
The DVD of his previous appearance there is good stuff--real educational and terribly entertaining.
Tim is a very gifted and talented man. He will have his day. Hopefully soon!
Welcome, Niels(Telltale). Shall we call you Niels or Telltale?
Welcome? I've been around for a while, just as Telltale--I'm converting aliases to my real name all over the Internet, just didn't want to change all at once, coz then nobody would recognize me.

But to answer your question: I answer to both--and to Space Monkey as well. :-)
Please forgive me, didn't know. Niels has a nice ring through.
I've missed this in the past. I'm definitely going this year.
I've watched the DVD a few times. I'd love to be able to go to something like that! Alas, I'm on the wrong coast.

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