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August 11 2007

Civil War Panel at Wizard World Chicago. Civil War Panel at Wizard World Chicago with Mark Millar and Joe Q describes Whedon's involvement with Civil War and a story about Joss and Quesada at Comic Con.

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I'm game. Always been fascinated on why people go to war. Studied WW2, quite interesting. WW1 is just plain tragic. Still reading the ins and outs of the American civil war. I don't have words, only a blessing. "Never again."
I went to this panel and the actual story was about how Joss was magical and always showed up at exactly the right moment when someone is stuck. The summit needed someone to figure out how to end civil war (previously discussed on the site) and Quesada needed someone to fill the role that was left behind with the loss of Morrison to DC. It was pretty funny.

Also, in the Cup of Joe panel, a couple of people asked about Joss and Marvel. Quesada gave the stock answer: they would take anything they could get from Joss (or Cassaday for that matter).

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