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August 11 2007

(SPOILER) Alan Tudyk talks about his nude scenes in Death at a Funeral. A small article/interview detailing Alan's nudity in his upcoming movie (possible reg req).

I looked into the archives, and it looks like this one is new. Congrats, Jayne Is A Girl's Name, and funny stuff. But /funny -

Alan's isn't the first story we've heard of male nude actors being mistreated. This may be a thing.
This post needs a spoiler tag.
Can someone post the article for those that aren't registered?
I couldn't get in with any of the bugmenot solutions, but the same article (at least according to the copyright notice at the bottom) is reprinted in the Orlando Sentinel here.
Thank you palehorse, I wasn't able to read the article at the other links but your link was perfect. It is too bad that the attitude is so much that men should just not mind being nude on a crowded set, but then I imagine most male actors might be hesitant to ask for the consideration that a female actor gets (and usually the naked female is very young, not in her 30s). I am very much looking forward to seeing this film, which opens next Friday I think.
Sometimes I think being a male whedonverse alumni carries with it an obligation to be willing to appear nude. Which I can't truthfully say I believe is a bad thing :)
Although the guys should certainly be treated with as much respect and thoughtfulness as women who are asked to play nude scenes.
My question, and the article didn't answer it, is does the movie SHOW the naughty parts, and it's too difficult to tell from the rating because so many things can keep you from the dastardly NC17. I kind of want to know, because I have to warn a few friends of mine before I can begin to recommend it, or se it myself.

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