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August 12 2007

Avoiding Buffy. Stephenie Meyer, author of the YA vampire series that began with Twilight, talks to a group of fans about how she got started, the difficulties of pitching vampire books, and why she can't watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer despite her own sister's urging.

In case of link issues, the main Buffy focus is in the section titled "Vampires Yes, But Much More" in the Borders Book Club. She does sprinkle references in other sections though. Pretty good discussion overall.

How, why, how? I'm so confused.
Mrs. Haunt absolutely loves this series of books and has finally convinced me to give them a shot. I've just started the first book, while she's almost finished with the third and latest. Not only do I trust her judgement, but from what little I've seen myself so far I think these are pretty well written. And despite the obvious parallels (high school, vampires, etc.) I haven't thought Buffy once so far.
I wouldn't want her to watch Buffy. Not until she's done with her books. Her take on vampires is so different that I'd hate for it to be influenced (even unconsciously) by anything else.
She doesn't know what she's missing.
An anecdote about these books: I work at a largish library and handle requested books. When we got the latest one last week, both the Children's Fiction and YA librarians came to pick up their copies before I'd finished shelving them. That's sort of a vote of confidence.
I agree with you completely. But after the book I don't see why she wouldn't. Every one should. EVERYONE!
This is quite 'coinky-dinky' as my sister, knowing my 'BTVS' obsession and my love of kids/youth literature, picked me up a copy of 'Eclipse' just this morning.

But I'm a literary purist and now HAVE to read the 2 preceding books first. Been meaning to, been busy.

However, I'm off to the bookstore tomorrow for 'Twilight' and 'New Moon'!
I quite liked Twilight, and yes, a very different take on vampires. I hadn't noticed ther were more though, will have to go and look them out. Also agree I'd rather she steered clear of Buffy until she's done writing her books!

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