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August 12 2007

James Marsters on comic books and voicing Lex Luthor. has an exclusive video interview with James about his role in the DVD Superman: Doomsday release, in stores Sept 18th.

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Cool beans! I've been looking forward to this movie... I hope it gets the bad taste of Superman Returns out of my mouth. Great interview too! He makes a great Luthor!
I saw this at Comic Con. I'm not really a Superman fan, but I loved it. As long as you're not married to either the old DCAU or the original storyline of the comics, you'll probably enjoy this. In some ways, I like story in the movie better than comic version, the "Reign of the Supermen" arc in particular.

Oh, and Marster's Lex Luthor? Will probably be adored by Smallville fans.
From the bits I've heard, I really like Mr. Marsters' take on Luthor. I can't wait to see this! Adam Baldwin as Superman is also a plus. ;)
This is what makes watching James play an unlikeable character so much fun. He is ALWAYS convinced that he is playing a "good guy". Lex thinks he is the one who should be wearing the "S". Hahaha
Not a fan of animation but I'll have to check this one out. I love JM's voice in all it's incarnations & as for Adam Baldwin as Superman, I can't wait to give him the opportunity to make me not think of Jayne, everytime I hear his voice:)

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