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August 13 2007

Read the shooting script for the Firefly episode 'Out Of Gas'. A great way to start the week.

He goes, just totally fucking torn upside down!

Monday morning! How sweet!
Beautiful - my favourite episode.
Such a great episode when the world was new. Made me care for a bit, amazing its been 5 years already.
Yep, my favourite too, brilliant in every way, on every level.

When we get the reveal about Mal falling in love at first sight with Serenity it's just beautiful (and another thing he has in common with Inara - she says as much to Simon during the "how we'll die" exchange).

This ep. above all makes me miss the show. That's what they could do after only 7 episodes, what could they have achieved with more time ? Great TV.
Ah, Out of Gas. One of the single most brilliant hours of television ever aired. When they first showed it, I thought that it was the unaired pilot (because it introduces much of the crew.) This was one of the first episodes to really demonstrate what Firefly could do. It was just that much more tragic when the show was cancelled not long after it aired.

Back in the day we didn't even know if the show would be put on DVD. After all, how many cancelled after 10-episodes shows get the DVD treatment? (Back then, anyway)

Out of Gas is often the episode I'll show to people that haven't seen the show, to demonstrate how great it is.

BTW - is this online script any different than the one in the Visual Companion?

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How can any one not love this ep.?

But I can't watch it without thinking 'If only there was a "LARGE, DISTINCTIVE BUTTON" to bring Firefly back...'

Am I just a nostalgic sap?
They have large red buttons just like that one in the datacenter where I work. But I don't think I'm supposed to push them. They're the emergency "shut down everything" buttons. (And possibly self-destruct.)
A great way to start the week indeed.
As we PUSH IN closer to his face, which, if I can say, exhibits a kind of serenity

Very nice read!

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YES!! my fave episode in script form--cant get much better
oh cept when Universal ships my special edition

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