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August 13 2007

Eliza Dushku in the new Nickelback 'Rockstar' video. If you like seeing Buffyverse stars in music vids, then you'll love this.

Lets see David Boreanaz starred in the Dido video "White Flag" and Seth Green and Michelle Trachentberg cameoed in the Fall Out Boy video "This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race". There's bound to be others.

I hate Nickelback. A lot. That is all.
Cool song, didn't recognize most of the "celebrities" in the video though.

As for Buffy stars in music videos, Sarah Michelle Gellar was in A Stone Temple Pilots Video.Michelle Tratchenberg is also in Trapt's Echo video.
Eliza looked incredible in that video, but her part was too brief!

Reckon they filmed the whole song with her and cut out those few clips? Cause the full thing is something I'd love to see.
I liked the song when the album first came out and thought it was funny when it finally started getting radio play in the last few weeks. I thought it was even funnier when I heard the radio version. I wasn't surprised that "ass" was taken out for radio play, but taking out the word "drug" is just silly.

"Everybody's got a ____-dealer on speed dial..."
That song was released as a single at least a year ago but I'd never seen that video. Thanks for that, Eliza does indeed look amazing!

*tries to remember to show it to hubby*
Seth Green in Weird Al's "White and Nerdy"! Also SMG in the X-Files crew's video for Bree Sharp's "David Duchovney Why Won't You Love Me".
I don't like Nickelback much either...but the video was okay. not enough Eliza, though.
Amy Acker was in a video, which I have never seen, for a (song? band?) called "Lost Cause", which I have never heard.
Such a boring band...and the sixth single off the same album? That's pushing it...

SMG was also a part of the video played as a part of Idol Gives Back in April. She, along with other celebs, lip-synced to the Bee-Gee's "Stayin' Alive."

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I really, really, dislike Nickelback and I watched this on mute. Her cameo was too brief but she was stunning.
I've never understood the overwhelming backlash that this band has gotten in recent years. Sure they're not the greatest rock band of all time, but they're hardly the worst as some would like us to believe. I like 'em well enough, and I enjoy this song for the "fluff rock" that it is. Will have to check out the bid since I love me some Eliza.
Yeah, it's "bubblegum rock" but it's harmless enough and skillfully done for what it is IMO. Did they do the song at the end of Spider-man (sounds like them) ? Cos I thought that was fairly decent.

(and unless a band has done something morally objectionable i've never really understood how you can hate them - if the music's not your thing then just don't listen, y'know ? Hating them just seems a waste of energy IMO, save your hate for stuff that really deserves it like people that answer phones in the cinema and Diet Irn-Bru ;)

And turns out Eliza Dushku is still very beautiful, colour me one of the surprised colours (e.g. Burnt Ochre). I don't mind looking at her to confirm it though ;).
The simple reason I don't like Nickelback: I don't like the way they sound. Just listening to that guy gives me a sore throat.

However, art is as subjective a thing as there is, and if folks like 'em, more power. Different strokes, y'know?

(And Eliza is Hotness)
Eliza looks terrific! Go girl!

Is it just me, or does that song tend to sound more country than rock? There was just this overwhelming desire to rush to my nearest dive-bar, toss back a can of Bud Light and holler, "Yee-haw!" as the video played.
Just me, then... ok.

[Edited to point out that I truly detest Bud Light.]

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Ew. Nickleback. Definite points lost for ED. Time for a new manager for her, perhaps?
Nice to see Eliza, but otherwise a pretty boring song.

Seth Green and Michelle T. were in a Fall Out Boy video not long ago. It didn't seem to get much play though.
I don't mind bubblegum rock, there are worst things out there. I must admit, that I'm guilty of enjoying it once in a while, especially in those soul soaring songs. Yes, I said guilty....
I'm not going to judge what anyone listens to. I have the Bay City Rollers' song Saturday Night on my mp3 player.

Stop looking at me like that.
Awful. That dude sounds like he's being strangled while he sings. Even the Simple Plan video was better.
I just went though a Faith-in-Angel hexathlon (don't try saying that at home, at least not while anyone's eating) and Eliza Dushku's acting, if I may indulge in the highest praise, at times soars close to the Sarah-sphere.
Pointy, did you watch Five by Five and Sanctuary? *sigh*
Mm-hmm. She deserves more than "Nurses." Though, watch, now that I've said that, it will turn out to be the "Anna Karenina" of hospital angst.

ETA She would rock "Anna K." All that under the surface, but just barely, and ready to break it any second, and not always in the best of all possible ways.

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I actually like Nickelback. I find Chad Kroeger interesting. I like this song, too. It's like they're thumbing they're noses at corporate rock.

My husband and I have a recording studio (not our day jobs), and I find different kinds of music eye-opening.
Though every now and then, I whisper to my husband when there is a questionable band recording in the studio, "I hope they don't quit their day jobs." To each their own.

Like someone said, I believe it was Sly Stone , "Different strokes for different folks".
I like some of nickelback's songs, like "Saving me" and "If everyone cared". This song, I actually thought it was making fun of the whole "star/celbrity" industry, because it just seems bloody stupid all those things in the song, but maybe thats just me. So when i saw all those celebrities, I thought it was a bit ironic "don't you think".
FWIW, IIRC, SMG's STP video [acronym attack! :)] was for "Sour Girl".

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