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August 13 2007

Brief interview with Summer Glau. iF MAGAZINE chatted with the actress and found out just what to expect from her surprisingly human performance as a soulless machine.

Nice interview. I have to say, Summer's quote "I play more normal characters than this usually" really made me laugh :)
Summer was stellar in last night's ep of 4400. I just couldn't take my eyes off of her! What an amazing talent. Joss sure knows how to discover 'em!
A pistol-packing ballerina who plays a terminator. Could Summer even get cooler?
Pointy, I don't think so.
I've had a brass-shaped burn on my face from shooting, but it was just first degree, didn't leave a scar. What kind of ammo was she firing, I wonder?
Could Summer even get cooler?

Well, she could be Winter.

Guess you should have asked, "Could Summer even get hotter," huh?
Wonder if she's a lefty ? I remember a newspaper article back when the British army first introduced the replacement for the FN-FAL variant L1A1 rifle, the SA-80, that the cartridge cases were ejected quite quickly and safely over the squaddie's shoulder. Unless they were left handed, in which case they were ejected equally quickly but less safely directly into their face ;). The bolt also had a tendency to smack lefties in the jaw.

(the main reason left-handers are statistically more likely to be in accidents isn't, as I tell my Southpawed friends, because they're freaks and God hates them ;), but because it's a right-hander's world)
(the main reason left-handers are statistically more likely to be in accidents isn't, as I tell my Southpawed friends, because they're freaks and God hates them ;), but because it's a right-hander's world)

Too true! The Man is keeping us down! Time for the left-handed-revolution!
I'm not left-handed, but am left-eyed, so I was trained to fire the M16 as a lefty. If you don't use a doodad called a brass deflector (which the poor but honest National Guard doesn't always have enough of to go around, as with much equipment), the right-side ejection port tends to send the hot brass back on your face or down your shirt, very bracing. Still, while it sticks and burns, it cools rapidly. Still wondering what Summer was firing that made it hot enough to scar.

Of course I realize that just being left-eyed makes me enough of a freak to be in for divine wrath.
While I am not an armaments expert by any means, I gotta wonder if the question should be more "What kind of weapon was Summer firing?" than "What kind of ammo was she using?" Mainly since wouldn't the brass from a round being fired from an assault rifle on burst or full-auto, or a submachine gun set to something similar, be hotter from the lack of cool-down time between rounds fired?

There is also how the brass hit her in the head. I would presume that the brass flying directly at her head, and not a glancing deflection shot, would mean the brass would press in for longer...making the burn worse.

Oh hell...maybe even the gun bucked up while she was pinging away merrily on full-auto and she got the hot barrel to the face:S
Eh, well I'm not an expert either, but it's mostly the barrel that heats up in automatic firing (which is why some machine guns have easily switched out barrels), rather than the receiver, that the brass comes out of. I would assume that some kinds ammo are hotter burning from the get-go than others, tracers, for instance (coated with phosphorus). Or anything with extra propellant.

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Yep, me neither. Glad to hear none of us know what we're talking about ;-).

I wouldn't think the cartridge case would receive much heat through conduction so I doubt the number of rounds fired in succession would make too much difference (since that's going to heat the gun itself, mainly the barrel it would seem). Stands to reason though that the more propellant in the cartridge, the bigger the explosion, the more energy to dissipate and so the hotter it gets. Also, since pistols tend to be away from the body when shot (in controlled circumstances anyway) i'd say being hit by pistol brass at a range is less likely. A rifle at the shoulder seems a more likely candidate.

So, Watson, we are with a degree of certainty, seeking a semi-automatic rifle in a fairly heavy calibre, possibly of a type used by the Cameron Terminator during the pilot. Elementary ;).

(or maybe just whatever they had available at the range so an M16 or civvy variant is probably a reasonable guess)

BTW, I don't think she means a permanent scar (which, especially on the face, could be a biggish deal for an actress), I think she means something that left a burn mark and will fade away with healing (thought I might as well add to the rampant speculation ;).

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