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August 13 2007

PopWatch's Michael Slezak is buzzing on Chuck. EW's TV columnist loves Chuck, fears for Jezebel James, and loathes Cavemen. Includes a three minute YouTube trailer with glimpses of Adam throughout. Also mentioned are Bionic Woman, Pushing Daisies and Reaper.

Pleeeeease, America! Watch this series! If nothing else, it'll give Adam a steady job! Although you've gotta admit, it's got a pretty cherry time slot despite the competition on the other channels.
I don't think Adam will ever be hurting for work, but this one is getting a lot of praise. I have heard horrible things about Jezebel James and Pushing Daisies looks to be the best new show this season.

Bionic Woman had me from the word go. Cavemen lost me from the word go.
I enjoyed Chuck's pilot a lot more than I expected I would, after some of the preview videos that ran during the Upfront weeks.

It must've been my third favorite pilot right after Pushing Daisies and Sarah Connor Chronicles, I really want it to succeed.

As I commented at .org, Bionic Woman's pilot left me a little cold, it was weird, pacing wise, hope it improves, because I really like the cast Eick gathered.
I've seen Reaper and Pushing Daisies. Reaper was cute, but I loved Pushing Daisies. If you love Dead Like Me, you'll love Pushing Daises. I still need to see Chuck!
I am really, really hoping that the hype pans out and that it really is a wonder of a show, and not another Studio 60.

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