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"This is beyond my ken - and my Barbie - and all my action figures."
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August 13 2007

"I've always just been kinda geeky". EW interviews Seth Green, mostly about "Robot Chicken", but Buffy is very briefly noted.

I think my favorite bit in this is the "man-squeal." Hee, oddly, I can easily imagine Seth making that noise!
"I got the goth kids who know Buffy."

If I'm goth, and I must be, I wanna be this kind of goth. She's my kinda gal.

Love hearing from Seth and that Nathan's gonna be on Robot Chicken, too - although he doesn't mention Joss, as we had heard rumoured before...
"How people interpret my degrees of sexiness is out of my hands."

Seth was pretty sexy in the dream I had last week. *cough cough*
Nathan Fillion on Robot Chicken?

I wonder if that means there's a Firefly reference coming. It would be awesome if there was some kind of pilots school reunion with him and a bunch of other captains like Han Solo and Picard.
I want Robot Chicken swag!
I so want to be goth. I just can't pull that off, but I wish I could. Seth Green is my hero.
I second that I want Robot Chicken swag.
Never figured Buffy had a goth following. I thought just awesome geeks and older people.
I also second that Seth Green is just geeky sexy and that is the best kind.
Hey, Robot Chicken swag!
I want that too!

Two of my favorite things... Robot Chicken and Nathan.
"JW: I'm low on mascara. It's weird. I've made my bones with vampires, but I've never really associated anything I did with Goth that much, except that I've kind of made fun of them. I don't really see that as much at the conventions and stuff in the fan base. It might be somebody in Goth make-up coming up and saying, oh, this is for my mom." -- Joss,,8599,1109313-1,00.html
I could never be Goth... I like the comfort of lounging in my jeans too much. Goths never wear blue jeans -- clashes with bustiers and corsets, so I've been told.

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