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May 19 2003

11th Hour BUFFY Tidbits!! Pretty much a recap of some of the links you've seen here already, but...

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"On the white board in [Joss'] personal meeting room, they had outlined shooting for either the last three episodes or for the current episodes, divided into three segments:

Fellowship of the Bling

The Two Towels

Return of the Schwing"

And Joss mentioning their Buffy Bash seems to indicate that he may show up at the party (which had been hinted at in the past).

I like those Lord of the Rings titles a lot :)

There's a real sense, reading all these last-minute posts here, of a build-up of anticipation before the end. It's like Christmas Eve or something. Kinda.

It's kinda nice, but also sad it's the last one we're going to get.

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I gotta say, Tru Calling reaks like an Early Edition ripoff.

Interesting tibit: Early Edition producer Stephen Cragg directed Buffy S1x03 "The Witch"
(Yes, like wren, I also am a font of useless knowledge.)

[ edited by voodoo_daddy on 2003-05-20 07:25 ]
Oooh voodoo_daddy, I am totally impressed! And Tru Calling has that whole hot-chick-in-creepy-morgue thing going on (a la Crossing Jordan), so maybe that'll set it apart from Early Edition. Eh, who am I kidding?

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