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August 13 2007

(SPOILER) The Futon Critic reviews the pilot for "Nurses". Eliza Dushku and Tom Lenk's would be new show at Fox. Spoiler tag for plot details from the pilot.

Fox didn't order it into series, but the hope is not all lost, as the network did extend their option on the cast, which could mean a late order for the show, if shows ordered for fall season, tank really bad.

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Even if they do order it, I'm afraid to get invovled in anything on Fox as they always take the good ones away.
Its Fox. What are they kidding. All the shows are already cancelled anyway.

In fact I can picture the Fox officies. Theres a big calender and they throw darts with the new show's names on towards it. Wherever it hits is when it get cancelled.
But this sounds perfect for Fox:
In the end though, this isn't a show designed to explore the nuances of the medical drama, this is a show where Eliza Dushku struts her stuff in hot outfits filmed in slow motion not once, not twice but three times.

Perhaps they'll pick it up after the really good shows get canceled. (Does Fox have any really good shows left?)
Fox just loves canceling stuff.
I never forgave them for Wonderfalls (because they canned it pre-Jewel) and Tru Calling (for refusing to air the finale) and John Doe (because it was left at a cliffhanger).
For anyone who wants more spoilers I did an early review of it back in April.

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Speaking of Fox canceled shows, let us not forget the big one being advertised on the side of this page.
I can think of another reason why they didn't pick up this show...House. Why not put her on that show as a nurse with a checkered past? Now that would work.
Eliza Dushku and Hugh Laurie...*drool*

I'm sorry, what were you guys talking about? ;)
Now you're talking, deepgirl187!
It's a case of taking an interesting character, remove her from a hospital drama filled with cliches (such as the medical family that has no faith in her, and the tough head nurse), and put her at House's hospital where the character can prove herself with only the past to conquer. The disapproving family can eventually come in as guest stars
Tom Lenk is supposed to be in this too? I had no idea.
I will blindly support anything that Tom Lenk is involved with. I think that guy is fantastic and completely underappreciated.

In fact, I'd probably march in a rally for a show starring Nathan Fillion and Tom Lenk.

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