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August 14 2007

More printings for Buffy Season 8 issues 1-4. A 4th printing for #1, a 3rd printing for #2, and a 2nd printing for #3 and #4 with all new designed covers.

Thank goodness I just buy the comics to read them -- if I were an obsessive completist buying every single cover variant, I'd be broke pretty darned quick! 'Course, if I had the cashy money ...
I don't see how any of those covers are different to what's already been published...
They're a bit darker. And the logo and names seem to have moved about.
I am beyond happy that these comics are doing so well in sales.
Yay for Joss. He deserves this recognition and so much more.
Oooh, I do like that 4th printing variant of the first issue. Might have to pick up that one if I see it around, and since I manage to visit a comic book store at least once a week these days, I imagine I will.

It is hard to keep cashy money in your pockets for long.
I'm pretty sure that the 4th printing variant of #1 is the original varient. I could be wrong since I don't have my copies with me.
Geesh, I am broke because the day of each release I am in my local Comic shop buying every cover possible. Issue #5 had 3 covers. Only set me back 25 bucks. SO worth it.

Imma freak.
Wow, more reprints. Congrats to everyone working on these-- it seems more and more people are discovering the series and buying issues. And with good reason.

Of course it could be due to a small pool of people like death is my gift, in which case, cheers-- until they all go happily broke. ;)
Yay, Joss!!! I'm so happy the comics have been so popular. I knew they would be, but I had no idea they would be this popular.

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