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August 14 2007

Chiwetel Ejiofor as Black Panther? John Singleton, who's attached to direct 'Black Panther' and 'Luke Cage' for Marvel, is considering The Operative to play the king of Wakanda.

Very good! I can definitely see that.
I can totally see him as the Black Panther. I think he has more of the "royal" feel then any of the other people who have been mentioned for the part.
I never imagined it, but YES! Perfect casting!

(Although having said that, casting Chiwetel Ejiofor as ANYONE is perfect casting. The Operative, Luke in Children of Men, T'Challa, Winston Churchill...)
Thomas' joke that only seven people saw Serenity is foolish. Whatever the take at the box office, people continue to discover the DVD.
Thomas' joke that only seven people saw Serenity is foolish. Whatever the take at the box office, people continue to discover the DVD.

It's just a joke. I didn't find it offensive.

"Star Trek" was also underappreciated and unceremoniously cancelled in its first run. Then it started accumulating fans in syndication and it took over a good 10 years to bring it back as what became a movie series. (Then of course there was the animated series). What happened after that is the stuff of legends.

I'm hoping Firefly/Serenity will follow a similar path as Star Trek, and we will be the lucky seven people to say we were the original fans.
So the trend of superhero movies will continue until every Marvel and DC character gets one... excellent :-)
crossoverman, should that "excellent" be said in a Mr. Burns tone of voice? ;)

Definitely liking the Chiwetel nod. The man doesn't make a bad movie, as far as I'm concerned. Speaking of which, I really have to watch Kinky Boots...
That would be awesome. I've been re-reading the fantastic Christopher Priest run of Black Panther, and I can easily see Chiwetel in the role. If they do it right, it could be totally different from any superhero movie to date.
That would be a top notch casting.
Just the Marvel ones, crossoverman. In case you haven't noticed, the only DC characters to get their own feature films are Superman, Batman, Supergirl (Superman spin-off), Swamp Thing, John Constantine (Swamp Thing spin-off) and Catwoman (Batman spin-off). The main reason for this is that the rights to all the DC characters are tied up at one studio, Warner Bros. Hence their overprotectiveness of the Wonder Woman feature. Meanwhile Marvel can shop their characters around to any studio they wish (other than Warners) - and now that's seemingly dried up, they're even going so far as to finance their own films (starting with the excellent-looking Iron Man, and the upcoming Incredible Hulk starring Ed Norton).
What no 'Steel' love daylight ? ;-)

('V for Vendetta' is a DC property too but your point stands)

Nothing wrong with Singleton's judgement, even as The Operative Mr Chiwetel Ejiofor Esq. had a sort of regal dignity and we've seen time and again the fella can act.

('Kinky Boots' is worth seeing and Ejiofor's role has some meat to it but for me it was a bit too formulaic, in very much the same vein as 'Brassed Off' or 'The Full Monty'. Harmless enough though and with some laughs so there're far worse ways to spend a couple of hours)
There was a STEEL film?! Really?!?

I don't count V for Vendetta or its kin because it wasn't created or first published at DC, nor is it part of the DC universe. And LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN is being taken away from DC too, for that matter.

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