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August 14 2007

"Family Guy Live" with Seth Green Returns. Seth and fellow castmates will perform an episode live on stage in two Chicago performances on September 15th.

They will also perform several musical numbers, show footage from the upcoming 6th season premier, and hold a Q&A with audience members.

And me, nowhere near Chicago. Arg!
Interesting. Chicago's a six-hour bus ride from here. And my friend is going to college in Chicago in the fall. Good way for me to cling desperately to the past and keep him from moving on.

Yes. YES.
I was just about to post this! Only one post in 2 years and I thought I was going to have two in one day! Darn.

But I would like to add that if you want to buy tickets to this Chicago Theater event before Friday when they go onsale to the public, you need a promo code. I just got the inside skinny that you can use LOIS1 or LOIS2.

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