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August 15 2007

"Buffy is exciting, really exciting". Best selling author Brad Meltzer comments on his Buffy season 8 writing gig.

Covers are teaes, not always emant to show an actuals cene. (posted ehre because thread below has no comments block)
I must be missing something here, a "no comments block"?
I read Meltzer's Green Arrow run,Identity Crisis and his first 7 issue arc on Justice League of America.I will be picking up his last issue of JLA today or tomorrow and know he'll do a great job on Buffy.I haven't read any of his novels but this guy is a really great comic writer,that's for sure.
I haven't read anything by Meltzer so I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
I've only read #0 of his Justice League run, but,'s one of the best Justice League issues ever.
If you want to read some of his work,Identity Crisis might a good place to start.It's self contained enough and a pretty good murder mystery that continues to have real impact on the DC Universe.Everything from Countdown to Infinite Crisis,Infinite Crisis,One Year Later,52,the current Countdown To Final Crisis and next years Final Crisis all spin out of Meltzer's Identity Crisis.

In fact,Joss himself wrote a introduction for the trade collection of Identity Crisis.
You know, I bought my dad a copy of Identity Crisis for his birthday (didn't notice Joss did the introduction until I was standing in line at the cash register), and he told me I'd dig it. I should go ahead and read it...
I must be missing something here, a "no comments block"?

It's a special area for you to not say anything in, freely and without fear of censure.

(I think DaddyCatALSO probably just missed the link to the forums where you can comment on the article - though may have to register first, haven't checked)

'Identity Crisis' is the only thing of Brad Meltzer's i've read but it inspires confidence regarding his Buffy run, he really made a story that somehow contrived to have mythic resonance (and as Buffyfantic says, far reaching consequences) while still being totally rooted in individuals and their believable responses. I.e. he'll suit Buffy down to a T IMO.

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