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August 15 2007

(SPOILER) Spike: Shadow Puppets #3 released today. Issue 3 of 4 from Brian Lynch and IDW.

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Will be getting this today or tomorrow.
eeee can't wait - I've got mine preordered :)
Yay! I'll be getting this today or tomorrow, too. Brian Lynch is great - he does Spike and Krevlornswath so well.
Bloody hell, I only got #2 a couple of days ago and #3's out ? Cool ;).

(had to mail-order issue 2 - been having much more trouble getting 'Shadow Puppets' off the shelf than I did with 'Asylum' which is probably a good sign, if inconvenient).

#2 was even better than #1 IMO, the dialogue sparks, the art's great, old friends turn up, it still has wee puppet ninjas - what wantz more ?
I just popped into my LCS today to get some bags and boards and lo and behold what did I see but Spike:Shadow Puppets #3 on the shelves a day early which really made my day. :)
Lucky you Derf!Might give that a try myself! Looking forward to reaing it.
Yessss!!! This day just gets better and better.
I can't wait to get my copy - I'm loving this Spike and Lorne team-up - and I'm also loving wonderful original characters like George, Beck and Tok.
Oh I adored Betta George in Asylum so I am thrilled to see him alive and kicking (so to speak). My local comic book store has been late in getting these ordered, so I don't know if he'll have this today or not, but I'll head over there to ask.
*edited to add*
OMG!! I got mine (two in fact, I couldn't resist the variant cover) and it is wonderful. Be sure to read Betta George's recap (on the inside of the front cover) because it is hilarious. I do love Brian Lynch's humor!

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