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"Haven't clocked you since the Sunny D went from being an outie to an innie."
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August 02 2002

"I could pop, but I couldn’t spin." Mr Boreanaz modelling cool threads and talking rubbish in FHM:

"Watch out for women with one long toe that hangs over – that means she’s horny and aggressive in bed."


The bit on his chicken fear is priceless though: "Because birds are so unpredictable. Their feathers and their cockiness makes them too jumpy. They’re fucking freaks. They cluck and they jive in a freaky way and I don’t like it."

Darn. The site's been overloaded. Can't get to it.

Is it just me or does Boreanaz seem like he should keep his mouth shut if he isn't reading from a script? He has come off as a complete buffoon in any interview I've seen.
yes... buffoonery.
boreanaz always seems like a total himbo in interviews. when he's on talk shows he comes off as kind of an ass, too.

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