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August 15 2007

James Marsters August Q and A is now online. This time out he answers questions ranging from best decision he ever made, Leno or Letterman, the fairness of love and war, and the potential for "President Marsters".

I don't know if I can handle the words 'chocolate' 'sex' and 'James Marsters' all at the same time.....mmmmm
Hmm. Well, I feel ignorant. I never knew he had a kid.
I imagine that James holding a political office would behave like John Kennedy did as far as openness to the press and public. I was just in high school but Kennedy held these news conferences I don't remember if it was weekly or monthly, but I remember vividly that he would entertain any question...would always explain what he was doing and why, admitted when something didn't work,always found a way to give a few humorous answers and never talked over anyone's head. I feel like I knew more about what was going on in my country then...then I have ever had a handle on since. I miss that connection and I am just surmising here...but that's what I think James would be like if he ever ran for office. I know I would like to vote for him!
LMAO, luvspike!! My brain completely stalled on that one, too ;) Yow...

I disagree with him about Leno being boring, but he's most definitely got my vote for president! His intelligence, street smarts, people skills and appearances on Politically Incorrect were enough to intrigue me before--and now such an honest self-appraisal of his potential for doing so is incredibly appealing.
Berry, why don't you stop by Barack Obama's website. I think you'd be impressed. Not saying he's Kennedy, but... just check it out if you have the time. The man really gets it. Very encouraging.

And that last statement about the chocolate? So. Very. True.
Chocolate, sex, politics .... oh my ... *faints*. But smart, sexy presidents can be a dangerous thing, thinking a little more recently than Berry.
Of course not nearly as dangerous as a clueless moron, but that's another story.
And I'll venture into Willowy's "we're gonna get a hand slapping for this" territory and suggest (speaking of smart, sexy potential presidents) a visit to John Edwards' website :)

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