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August 16 2007

Look even further into the Serenity Collector's Edition. We're in the home stretch, and SerenityStuff (thanks to World’s Finest DVD Report) has some more pictures of the new DVD -- front, back, unfolded, folded. I know, we're getting obsessive now. But aren't we all okay with that?

Yes, we're more than okay with that. I just wish August 21 would hurry up and get here already!
Mine arrived yesterday! It does look rather nice.
Mine arrived yesterday!

Mine hasn't even been charged, let alone shipped, let alone arrived.

ETA: In fact, UHE has it marked as "back ordered".

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Hot DAMN I'm so psyched for this DVD!
I didn't think it was possible for me to get any more excited about this.

I was wrong.
Mine arrived this morning so I certainly know what i'm doing when I get back from work. And then after the hoovering, I may watch the DVD ;).

Feel a bit sorry for you US types considering we seem to be getting it quicker on the other side of the Atlantic (5 days before it's even officially released).

(and 'tis lovely, the acetate foregrounding River over Mal and the ship works really well IMO - the image of River with the axe that we saw a couple of weeks ago is actually the back cover BTW, i'd got the impression it was internal artwork but nope, there's a peel-away 'normal' back-cover - with blurb, contents, credits etc. - spot glued to the packaging. Nice idea so long as the glue comes away without leaving a mark. We were talking about obsessive, right ? ;)
I am more excited to get my copy than is probably healthy but I'm pretty sure the only reason I opened this thread was to see the tags bix came up with. I agree with 'gimmie gimmie gimmie' and now am singing it in my head.
So close to ix...
So Saje, I'm right, correct? It is Luke Skywalker there, right?
I think it's Luke and Connor's love child Lioness ;).

(don't remember The Operative striking quite that pose with his sword, photos may well have been shopped)
I can't wait till Tuesday!! Does anybody know if there are Easter eggs on the CE? I can never find them by myself...
No Easter eggs that I've heard of yet, through official or unoffical channels. Still, I'd love to be surprised...
Who are you ordering from to get the dvd so early? I need to order from those places! LOL!
leiasky> I got mine from - in fact, I got a mail today to say they've just sent my Heroes DVD set out, and that's even earlier, I think.
If we're talking about the DVD (cause we hardly ever do that ;p), I have a related question -
How come the companies don't release sales numbers on DVDs, like they do on box-office?
I mean, out of curiosity (and in the hopes of someday getting a sequel) I'd like to know how many copies of Serenity DVD were sold (in any and all formats), how much money it made, but it seems the information isn't available anywhere.
Is it an industry-wide thing? why?
Pretty much, yeah. Studios brag about their box office because good buzz on profitability helps them sell more tickets (and makem everyone involved look better), but they guard their DVD and video sales tight. No official reason aside from "it's our policy," but most folks figure it's because there's a LOT of money in DVD sales, often significantly more than in theatrical releases, and open, accurate reporting would mean open, accurate royalties, payments to unions, compensation for performances on DVD extras, etc. Essentially it's a weaselly accounting thing.

Personally I suspect the studio that starts making their sales public would benefit from the PR, but then again I don't speak weasel.
You know, I notice now that the Universal Home Entertainment store from which I ordered this isn't even the same store that links to for purchase of the DVD.

I am beginning to think that come Tuesday, I will simply have to stop somewhere on the way to work and buy it in person.
open, accurate reporting would mean open, accurate royalties, payments to unions, compensation for performances on DVD extras, etc.

That sounds a plausible reason to me. I seem to recall (although I have no inside knowledge, so am willing to stand corrected) that the talent usually (always?) get nothing off DVD sales: if anyone saw the film Overnight one of the ironies mentioned there was that even though the film The Boondock Saints eventually had some minor cult DVD success, Troy Duffy (writer of The Boondock Saints and the subject of Overnight) would never see a penny of that.
Also not with the inside knowledge but though I think most of the time the actors etc. don't profit from DVD sales, I think the writers do (or maybe feel like they should - related to the upcoming possible strike action ?) so that'd be a reason to hide them.

Also, points on profit (i.e. a percentage of the net profit of a film) aren't that uncommon, especially with big names (Cruise etc.) so releasing accurate DVD sales would make it really hard to "creatively account" a film into a loss (which happens quite often apparently) in order to not pay people what they're owed.

(as i've mentioned before, Marvel tried to do this to Stan Lee over 'Spider-man' which, despite grossing something like $800 million and gods know how much more on DVD, hardly made it into profit according to them - or at least they downplayed by how much in order to not pay him his full 10% share)

And I got mine from PlayUSA too, after Kiddo threw temptation in my weak-willed way. Ta for that ;).
And so I sent email via the relevant link, to inquire about the order status on my DVD via UHE.

It bounced back as undeliverable.

Which means there might be no way to contact them either to ask about the order, or even to cancel it.

Thanks, Universal. You're a big help.


It seems it was just the address in the Cc: line which bounced. I just got a reply from the main address.

Nonetheless, the reply states that they "should be receiving inventory and shipping out your order very soon."

Yes, UHE's online store doesn't even have their stock of the DVDs yet.

Meanwhile, PLayUSA and Amazon customers either have their DVDs or notice that they've shipped.

So glad I wanted to order directly from UHE. It's working out so well for me.

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Amazon's telling me it's not shipping until the 23rd, but the price is only $17.99 so I'll survive. I'm getting free shipping because I ordered it and Heroes together -- but they're shipping them separately anyway. Um, whatever works I guess.

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