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August 16 2007

Nathan Fillion to star in Trucker. Trucker is an independently-financed drama that stars Michelle Monaghan, Nathan Fillion, Benjamin Bratt, Joey Lauren Adams and Jimmy Bennett.

No description is provided for Nathan's character.

I am now dying to see Nathan and Joey Lauren Adams together in a scene. That would be beautiful...
Congratulations, Nathan!

I can see Nathan as another truck driver.
I am so happy for the Captain. Another movie!!
Awesome! I love Joey Lauren Adams too - she was great with Vince Vaughn in A Cool Dry Place.
AWESOME. I have liked (alternatively you can read that as: "had a small crush on") Joey Lauren Adams since Chasing Amy. And Nathan Fillion has been great in everything I've seen.

I like what I hear so far.
I've always found Benjamin Bratt to be incredibly boring, but I'll probably still check it out for Nathan.
Nathan does really good work with those writer/director combo people.

The writer knows what they want and writes it and the director knows what they want too. And it is the same thing because they are the same person.

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