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August 16 2007

Vincent Kartheiser talks about his new show 'Mad Men'. At the end of the interview, he mentions what he took away from working on Angel.

Thanks so much for this, Simon. I just adore Vincent. He caught so much flack on Angel for being so annoying, but the thing is, his character was supposed to be annoying, so he was doing a good job.
And he moved effortlessly from annoying to downright evil, when that was called for, then finally full circle, to sympathetic. I'm thrilled to see him in this super excellent show, again doing a great job with his role.
it was so nice to hear so many people finally come around to his character for his last couple of episodes in season five. he really did an awesome job on the show for his entire run, and i wish him all the best with mad men and the future!
I, too, think Vincent did a fantastic job on Angel fleshing out the character he was *supposed* to be. "Mad Men" is a wonderful show and Vincent is excellent as Pete - I just want to throttle him while at the same time sort of feeling sorry for him. Kind of like Connor, actually, although the two characters are very different.
In hindsight, the problem with the Conner character was one the writers deliberately avoided with Angel. Angel is a brooding solitary figure, but forcing him to interact with Cordelia/Doyle/etc. gave insights into his character. Conner was a brooding solitary figure, and having him on his own made you think he was annoying and whiney.

The ep where he was visited by the memory of Darla, trying to convince him not to harm the innocent girl, was probably the first episode where I thought Conner was interesting (because it let you know what was going on in that thick skull of his). Between the end of S4 and S5 "happy" Conner, Vincent did an excellent job.
Does anyone else feel really awkward posting about this, since he dissed message boards?

Anyway, I am enjoying the show, it took me last night's episode to realize Peter/Don is very similar to Connor/Angel. So, I am enjoying it. Although episodes like last night, which don't focus on Don, tend to feel really slow and are not as interesting as the ones that do.
I'm sure Vincent is a swell guy and totally nice in real life, but he sure does play easy to despise characters note perfect. That being said, both Pete and Connor are depicted with depth beyond mere 2D caricatures, delightfully nuanced per experience and circumstance.

Also props must be mentioned for Our Mrs. Reynolds, Christina Hendricks, who plays the character Joan in Mad Men. As in Firefly, we get to see far too little of Christina in this show, though she does regularly appear in each episode thus far.
Enjoying the "Pete" character, for all the sneaky-jerk he is -- and as the industry could have easily written him off after Connor -- I'm glad to see Vincent in a wonderfully layered role.
Kudos and Huzzah!
Thank you very much for this link, what a good interview -- it really makes me want to see this show. I'm glad Vincent, Amy, and David apparently have so much mutual respect.
I haven't heard of this Mad Men show, I'll have to give it a look.

I've always been a Connor fan. He takes a lot of flack, and I understand some of it, but a lot of what people complain about, it just doesn't bother me. I think the only time he starts to bug me is when his knee-jerk reaction to magic happens for the fifth or sixth time in Season Four. The writers decided he didn't like magic, and they would be damned if they didn't let him not voice that opinion whenever appropriate, and a few times it wasn't.

Personally, Connor is so awesome at the end of Seasons Three and Four, and during his appearances in Season Five, that I'm willing to give him leeway when he gets a little too whiny in the middle of the season. I hope he plays a big part in the Season Six comics.

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