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August 16 2007

D.B. Woodside talks "Buffy" on IGN. He also discusses his time on 24 and his new gig on Viva Laughlin.

I've linked to the last page of the interview, which is where they cover his time on Buffy, having an action figure and D.B.'s take on the fate of Robin Wood.

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So he kind of wanted to make sure that Principal Robin Wood is around, hopefully for future shows, or a future movie, hopefully.

*sigh*...color me pessimistic.
Is there anyone who's ever worked with Joss who *doesn't* love him?
Donald Sutherland.
Has Donald Sutherland ever said so? Joss seems to have had problems, but that does not mean it was mutual...
I doubt DS would have an opinion. On movies the writer rarely has any power or say in what happens. The director would be the one dealing with the actors and telling them what to do, or trying to get them to say what's in the actual script and not make it up as they go along. DS may have ruined Joss's script but DS wouldn't have cared what Joss thought.

That's why TV can be so great, the writer is the king. On movies the writer is lucky if they can even get a ticket to the premier.
Wow, I forgot how handsome D.B. is. I hope he turns up in the Faith arc of the comic.
No kidding, Suzie. That picture is particularly beautiful.

And what a great little interview. Thanks for providing the link Rambleon623. DBW is one of my favorite actors and I loved the character.

Like DB and Eliza, I also imagine that Robin and Faith continue fighting the good fight together in the Buffyverse, as the hottest demon-fighting couple around.
Well, I am hoping Robin and Faith are reunited eventually in the Dark Horse series. I picture him as a college professor this time, fighting demons with his more talented students. Say, that's one way to train future Slayers and Watchers.
It should be interesting to see him as a casino big shot next year in Viva Laughlin. Since it will be sort of like Cop Rock, we can see if he can belt out a tune.
I recently rewatched the whole series of Buffy in about two weeks, (Yes, I have no life and my very few friends never have time for me. So taunt me.) and I was just wondering what ever happened to Wood/Faith (Woith?). I do hope we'll find out in the comics. Wood brought something out in Faith (no, not that, get your mind out of the gutter), and that whole thing had potential to go to some interesting places (no, not there, get your mind out of the hey I just did this one didn't I?).
One more actor with nothing but love for Joss, the regulars on BtS, the show itself and the entire Buffy experience. Sweet.
I just couldn't love this guy more. When I read an interview with him or listen to him (see: commentary track for Lies My Parents Told Me) he just seems like the most lovely, centered, charming guy. Still filled with wonder, curiosity and delight about the work that he does, as though he just can't believe his luck. And the talent? D.B. can bring it and I'll be checking out anything and everything he does in the future, 'verse-related or no.

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"we can see if he can belt out a tune"

Well he was in that movie/miniseries about the Temptations, along with an extremely young J. August Richards. (DBW was younger too, of course and slimmer.) As I recall, they did their own singing and he came off very well.

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