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May 19 2003

Another list to add to the mania... The Boston Herald picks the 10 Best episodes of Buffy, and the 5 worst.

There's a related link that also recommends what to watch next season now that Buffy's gone. The first suggestion? "Angel", of course.

Could you provide that link of recommendations? Their "More Articles" link doesn't reveal any.
On the Worst list: 1. ``Doublemeat Palace'' (Jan. 29, 2002): In need of cash, Buffy goes to work at a burger joint and has sex with Spike by the Dumpster behind the restaurant. There are some places fans weren't prepared to see their heroine go.

Is it just me, or is this worded so that it sounds like Buffy was having sex with Spike in order to earn some cash? LOL.
I must say, First Date did blow hardcore. I was expecting something... well... good!
Just a note that Amy Amatangelo is Zap2it's TV Gal.
I don't remember "Beer Bad" too well, but I disagree with most of the other choices for worst episodes. Yeah, "Buffy Vs. Dracula" was kinda underwhelming, but there was nothing in it to particular annoy. "First Date" was one of the funniest "Buffy" episodes in a long time, and it was nice to see Buffy, Willow, and Xander sharing a lighthearted moment together, which have been all too few and far between this season. "Wrecked" hit the magic/drug addiction metaphor a little too hard (the whole going to get dosed at Rack's worked for me at the time, but in retrospect seems really silly), but I liked what the role it played in the overall arc, and what it had to say about weakness and addiction for both Buffy and Willow. And even "Doublemeat Palace", which is universally loathed, had a couple of funny moments (although I guess it was a lot funnier 'cuz I had just read Eric Schlosser's "Fast Food Nation"), even if the monster at the end seems totally arbitrary and stupid.

I don't know what my 5 worst episodes would be, but I'd definitely include more clunkers from when the series was still trying to find its way: "Teacher's Pet", "Me Robot, You Jane", and, um, maybe that weird space alien episode in Season 5 ("Listening to Fear"). And I hated, HATED "Halloween" -- the angst felt manufactured straight out of "Dawson's Creek" (it's never a good sign when an emotional problem appears out of nowhere at the beginning of the episode, only to be solved and never mentioned again by the end), the message was really obvious, and the medieval Buffy is SOOOO annoying (which is kinda the point, but still ...)
I also liked First Date - admittedly mostly for all the stuff around Xander's date, but still, there's a lot going on, for instance the whole Andrew/The First subplot, which I loved.

And I agree with bobothebrave, most of the episodes I'd pick in hindsight as "my least favourite" (not "the worst"), would be early season filler episodes. Shows how far the seasons have come, I guess.
Hated 'Listening to Fear' (space monster, yuck) but I adore Halloween. Such a tight episode. Plus Giles screentime. Plus Ethan Rayne. Plus very funny.
Re: "Halloween" I'll grant you the middle two points (Ethan Rayne and Giles screentime [especially the first peek we get of the Ripper in him, when he beats the crap out of Ethan]). And yes, there's the laughing, but there's also the "Ohmigod, Buffy, ferchrissakes, stop whining! Pleeease, I can't taaake it anymore!"
bobothebrave, that's how I feel about her most of the time!
"Doublemeat Palace" was one of the best episodes ever!
Silly "First Date" hate. I must be the only person out there who absolutely loved that one. Probably my favorite ep of season 7.

My personal least favorite? "Killed By Death." It doesn't get much worse than Season 2 filler, folks.

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