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August 16 2007

(SPOILER) CBR has preview pages for Astonishing X-Men #22. Also in the same website, the usual higher quality preview pics for Dark Horse releases for November.

Yay! Finally! I seriously can't remember when the last ish of this came out.
"I'm waiting for Wednesday."
-Lisa Loeb
"Waiting for Wednesday"
I can't wait for Wednesday!
but it was great, Scott was dead and Emma asked to be killed by Danger! ;-)
Yay! Finally! I seriously can't remember when the last ish of this came out.

May 2nd! I had to look it up. I can't wait to read this too, Astonishing X-Men is a quality read.
I think it's Joss' best comic-run; next to Fray! (But then, for BtVS there's still a lot to come!) But I love the ultra-tight-storytelling of Joss in the comic books. Everything is boilde down to a minimum, and it delivers the story, great. And Cassaday's art is just overwhelming! (To say it one more time!)
Well that's good to know. My comic book guy pulls all Whedon stuff for me but I feel I'd lose face with him if I didn't know when the next issue of X-Men/Buffy/Runaways was out. It's hard maintaining the "cool" factor at my age.
From those preview pages, I'm glad Mr. Whedon had Emma say something that the other X-Men should have said (many times) during Claremont's (initial) run. Too many times, the villian gets thrashed, and to save face comes up with a lame "I meant to hurt you not kill you". The X-Men then hang their heads in shame. Glad to see an X-Man finally point out what a load of rubbish that was.
Whoa. Do we have a shadowy smoking villain off-panel who is plotting against Faith, Buffy, and whoever that third person is? That cover gave me nerdy intrigue reminiscent of early X-Files teasers. It's the Cigarette Smoking Man! He's alive!

The dialogue in the Astonishing previews has an interesting comment on Breakworlder ethics and philosophy. I um, had expectations similar to Agent Brand's. I am shamed. This is far more interesting. I'm not quite sure I understand the arm ripping, though.

I think it's Joss' best comic-run

Agreed. It's well-honed on so many levels-- plot, dialogue, character insights, art. Especially this last arc. It sometimes even has the feel of some of the older Uncanny issues that I read as a kid, except it's better and has even more resonance outside the X-verse. And with Emma's lines, it always has an interesting bite to it. It's thoughtful and philosophical but never cheesy. I continue to like Emma more every issue, which is a strange experience.

Um, so... I like this series just a little bit.

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