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August 16 2007

Nathan Fillion interviews PJ Haarsma for IGN. The oft-interviewed actor turns the tables and interviews PJ Haarsma, sci-fi writer, friend, and Halo adversary about PJ's book, The Softwire, and their literacy project, Kids Need to Read.

I like the bit about stealing a joke from Lisa Lassek.

ETA: Actually, the whole thing is pretty awesome. There's something to be said for an interview conducted by someone who knows the subject, and cares about the subject.

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p.s. Go Ninjas!
That was a fun interview! So now we know Nathan Fillion's middle name! LOL! How sad is it that an author puts on a great presentation at a school, the kids get all excited about the book and then the school doesn't have the funds to buy a single copy of it? The Softwire is a fantastic book, Kids Need to Read is an awesome project and I have great admiration for both PJ Haarsma and Nathan Fillion.
That was a great read. Mostly because you can tell they were both enjoying themselves. I agree with bix. An interview is more fun when you can sense the interviewer is invested as well.
I love they way they both geek out over Halo at the end. But mostly, I love that they're promoting literacy--including reading aloud with inflection--nicely done, Nathan, and PJ, and everyone involved!

Guess my next step is to read The Softwire?
Great interview!
And such a very worthy cauuse to be involved in.
Maeve, you'll like the book-- I promise.
It's engaging and the world you enter is all encompassing.
PJ is an amazing writer. The places he creates are fascinating.
Definitely cool with the reading with inflection business. The one thing that grated on my nerves when I was a kid was how all of my classmates read stories in a flat monotone. Loving reading like I do, it was painful to see such a lack of enthusiasm.
Thanks for posting. Wonderful article. Great cause.
Oh yeah I loves me some Blood Gulch.
If anybody has a digg account, they can digg this article at

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