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August 17 2007

(SPOILER) New Buffy Season 8 desktops. Some new Season 8 desktops were added to The Buffy Zone, including one that could possibly be the #9 cover.

Wow, these are just awesome. There's some I haven't seen before. And whoa, there's a nekkid Faith in the bunch, yow!
Whoa! Very nice! I think it's my favorite one yet.
Wow gorgeous. Can't wait to see the complete image for the "potential #9" cover.... Gotta wait another month though.... as November solicitations were just released two days ago.....

I was expecting this update since yesterday, as they'd changed the placeholder image for the downloads in the Zone's front page, but there was nothing new in it yesterday morning.

Also this makes me wonder what #10 cover will look like, which will be another very special issue by Joss himself.
This made me happy. Thanks for posting.
Anybody remember what Scott Allie said in that recent big interview with SlayerLit?

SA: As far as Willow and Tara go, we were pretty much only limited in staying true to the show. Joss dealt with all that with a lot of taste, and we followed suit. We weren't gonna get prurient with that. Also, we weren't gonna shatter taboos before he could, although we were probably more free to do so. Most other things also followed the guidelines of the show. There was never a temptation to do the R-rated Buffy that Joss could not do on TV. If Joss had been free to do R-rated material, I don't think he would have. I don't think that was appropriate for Buffy. I think we had a little more freedom with violence, and maybe a little more freedom with sexuality, but we only ever pushed it by small degrees. There were the occasional shots that suggested nudity, like Buffy taking off a shirt in silhouette, or the covers of STAKE TO THE HEART, where she was naked but carefully concealed. Oh, and there's an upcoming Jo Chen cover that pushes the same nudity barrier. Something you couldn't pay those actresses to Ddo on TV, even though nothing is really shown. But none of this was that much the point of what we were doing, or are doing now.

I think that,"upcoming Jo Chen cover that pushes the same nudity barrier" is this.
These are wonderful, but I am seeing two Jo Chen Faiths I've never seen before and am realizing that I never saw a #7 cover. So I went searching through Whedonesque and found nothing about a #7 cover. What did I miss?

This is strange for me, but I am loving the Jo Chen cover art so much it is making me not want to go to the TPB like I have been so tempted to do. I really love her work. I am not in love with Faith as a character, for instance, but love the way she is depicted. After Jo Chen has done all the BtVS characters, I wish she could do each of the Ats characters as well some day.

(Back to looking for the missing cover.)

ETA: Found it. WOW.

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Agreed and I hadn't seen this one before. I'm assuming it's from the previous Buffy comic book run. It's a very striking image.
Simon, that's the cover to the second Omnibus. And I agree, it's an amazing image. (I still prefer the Brian Horton/Paul Lee paintings over Jo Chen, good as she is.)
The Jo Chen covers are all included in the TPBs right? ...RIGHT?!
So much cool stuff today... I don't think I can take it!

And boy howdy I hope so, RaisedByMongrels!

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Of the non-Jo Chen pieces on that page, this is the one that caught my eye. I don't see where anyone is credited though, so I cannot tell who did what except by style.
RaisedByMongrels, covers are almost always included in trades. Even the Buffy Omnibus has all the original (art) covers, after the Star Wars Omniboo didn't, so it's a safe bet Scott Allie likes to keep the covers in.

newcj, that's a cover from the arc that ran in #50-53 of the old series, and it's by Lee/Horton.
Ooh. There are some I haven't seen before there.
I really like the group-library one. Except for Willow...
Whoa. Faith is looking naked and seriously dangerous... and the comic is (magically) on fire.
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Eliza has said you'd have a better chance of seeing God then seeing her naked. Does the latest Jo Chen illustration count? If so I'd say it's pretty likely a God sighting is inevitable. ;)

All kidding aside, I LOVE Jo Chen's work. I can't wait to buy her collection. I've even gone back and bought copies of the Runaways' comics she did the covers for. She really captures the attitude of the person she's drawing and she gives the new Buffy series a sexy/slick look that has yet to edge over into creepy.

I hope Joss keeps her on for season 9.

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