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August 17 2007

(SPOILER) New York Times Reviews "Death at a Funeral". Refers to Alan Tudyk's performance as "played with phenomenal focus." (I'm never a 100% sure the line between plot summary and spoilers... I added the tag to be safe.)

Fantastic... forgot he was in this. Thanks for the link. (By the by, I was certain that was Ken from the S3 opener Anne in the NYT photo, but IMDB tells me no.)
The main photo barest ? Nah, that's Kris Marshall, fast becoming a bit of a mainstay of British comedy. He tends to play basically nice, reasonably decent but semi-bumbling wasters and this seems no exception (course, if it ain't broke ... ;). Ken was played by Carlos Jacott wasn't he ? One of the fairly rare Whedonverse "three-fers" (i.e. he appeared on Angel, Buffy and Firefly).

This still sounds very cool though with such a large proportion of Brits in the cast I wondered if we might get it first but maybe it's American money cos there's still no UK release date that I can find. Boo !
I had no idea Kris was in it. Now I'm defenitely going to see it.
This looks great! It's getting a lot of positive reviews and buzz. The Hollywood Reporter mentions Alan's performance:

"While there is no standout performance -- meaning that everyone has splendidly performed his character's faults to the comic hilt -- one most enjoys Macfadyen for bringing subtle drama and melancholy to the comic center of the tale and Tudyk for his bravery in performing in a state of delirium and quite often in the nude for so much of the movie."

I can't wait to see this.
Woohoo! There's about eight of us SF girls going to see this tonight.
Saw it last night (with a glass of wine - how civilized LA is becoming). Silly, raunchy slapstick in places; not particularly highbrow, despite the English pedigree. In fact, a family of four walked out with the mother muttering under her breath about, 'the worst movie I have ever seen.' To be fair, she did walk out during possibly the most infantile and scatalogical scene in the film.

But..but... Alyn was GREAT. He is truly an excellent physical comedian and he did a huge amount of facial expression based humor.

I had a great time.
Err, Benny Hill was English too you know ;).

(British humour covers all the brows and is often scatological in the extreme)
Saje - I hear; I understand...but still, Matthew Macfadyen, Rupert Graves and Keeley Hawes do tend to bring to mind the more 'refined' British. Not to say not racy (especially Keeley Hawes), but these are Merchant Ivory, BBC miniseries adaptations of Jane Austen-types. So, maybe their presence misled the family that was sitting next to me???

Whatever - I enjoyed it quite a lot; even the scatalogical bits...bits, by the way, that might have caused Benny Hill to squirm a little.

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