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August 17 2007

Electric Tiki's Tracy Mark Lee's final drawings for Spike. The very talented Tracy M. Lee shares his final drawings of Vamp Spike for the upcoming statue in Eletric Tiki's Buffy series.

Wow, he looks wickedly evil.
It's nice design but It doesn't look like him at all does it, even in vamp face. But I'm rapidly realising that they don't seem to be taking that part of the equation into account when it comes to this series.

Oh well, something I won't have to worry about finding the cash for.

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Ooh! That's AWESOME!
The only complaint I have is that his eyes are too mean looking. Even when he was evil he never looked mean, he should look snarky, not murderous. If they softened up his eyes just a little, I would consider buying it. But if he looks like this, no.
I didn't see Spike, but that's a pretty good rendition of Lurch from the Addams Family!
Right there with Xane and QuoterGal. This doesn't begin to capture the delicious complexity that is Spike. Points to the artist for saying that Spike is the "greatest Buffy character ever" but I just don't see anything of his essence captured here.
Yep, I'm right there with all of you. It does look like Lurch and Spike is the greatest Buffy character ever, or any other show in my opinion, I'm obsessed, what can I say?
Well QG convinced me. Lurch all over!
Hee hee! Love the link QuoterGal!
Wonderful drawing!
So, did they just decide to make the statues and no animated show? BTW The Tooned Up Television Maquettes are great!

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