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May 19 2003

E! Online chat with Nick Brendon and Emma Caulfield. Not very long, but some nice quotes about the series and their characters.

Do you feel Xander should have developed a superpower just like Buffy and Willow?
Nick: No, I think Xander's superpower was his wit. But it's nice to have one character that didn't have a superpower. It rounded out the group.

What is up with Anya and the bunny phobia?
Emma: I have no idea. I don't think anyone will ever know, which I think makes it all the more brilliant.

Beware, there's some spoiler-y Angel Season 5 spec at the end of the chat (the Kristin part, not the Nick/Emma stuff), but it's too early for anything to be reliable.
Is the comment about Vincent Kartheiser next season a spoiler as well?

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