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August 17 2007

Mayor Richard Wilkins III named one of Top 5 Fictional Mayors. has him on a tie for 3rd.

Cheers to The Mayor, and I'll add that the number one choice is completely kick-a. ;)
Where's Mayor Hundred? :(
Ha! I had no idea Haggar was the MAYOR!

And, ooh, daylight, good call! He should definitely be on the list. Dude can talk to machines!
He gets my vote!

(Why settle for the lesser evil?)
I could have sworn I commented on this already...

Anyway what I had said was something along the lines of: Awesome! Mike Haggar's #1!
Oh, how I love The Mayor! He is my favorite Buffy villain. I would have liked to see him as numero uno.
Bah, any list of great fictional mayors that omits Jean Valjean is obviously not worth much, cool though the Buffy nod may be.
Daylight, I had EXACTLY the same comment.

"Ex Machina" by Brian K. Vaughan. The Mayor has superpowers, man, you don't beat that.
Yeah,and what about Throckmorton P. Gildersleeve and Otis LaTrivia from Fibber McGee and Molly? I don't know much about Roger PEary but Gale Gordon rocked!
Okay, I'm just being annoying here for "humerus" effect; thsoe shows were even before my time. (Bob Keeshan's Satruday-morning show Mr. Mayor wasn't before my time but let's not talk about that....)

Seriously, Yay Harry! The character wouldn't have been great without you to bring him to life.
It's a good list but I would have included Mayor Lenny from Ghostbusters as David Margulies gave such a good performance in that movie. But any recognition of Mayor Wilkins is always good. He's my favourite villain from Buffy.
Awesome. I was especially happy to see Haggar there. He is a frakking amazing mayor. Very hands on.

I'm glad about the Mayor, as he's probably my favorite Buffy Big Bad, although some of the details in that write-up aren't true. He wasn't a demon in human form, he was a human trying to become a human. And Sunnydale only has the one high school. Still, he's awesome.

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