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August 17 2007

IGN declares Buffy as the best movie-to-tv transition. In one of many IGN top 10 lists, Buffy is on top, even beating Mash. UPDATE. UGO declares Buffy the #1 show of all time, while Firefly is at #11.

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Couldn't agree more about Buffy ofcourse. And I liked the rest of the list too.
That was some serious praise for his Purpleness!
Excuse me while I email this article to everyone I've ever met :-)
We are not alone. Others know greatness when they see it!
Now if we could only get that tv-to-movie transition to work. I'm ready for our big damned Spike movie.
All Right!
I think one reason why MASH couldn't quite be #1 is that, while i eprsonally rpefer it by light years to the feature, it had a noticeably different tone, intent, and even ethos, so it was heading elsewhere. Plus the story line started over from the beginning and wasn't cosnsitent with the film's. (That'sa frequent problem; Logan's Run and PRivaste Benjamin both did that; idiotically in the case fo the first and halfway decently for the second)

Anopther factor in BtVS's favor is it was such an improvement over the forgettable movie. Inmprovement is fundamentally good. (If two students in a college class have the same over-all score but one has rising scores with each exam and another falling ones, the first is most likely to get looked on favorably.)

Ah, heck BtVS is my personal fave show of all time (and I'll be 52 in November) and I'm always thrilled to s ee it get recognized.
DaddyCatALSO - Not sure how that makes Buffy differ from MASH - I'm pretty sure Buffy had a noticeable different tone, intent and ethos to the feature as well - and it too also wrote over the continuity of the feature film!
For once, I'm so pleased that they explained what happened on BtVS movie was not what Joss intended. Much the same can be said for "Alien 4", but that's another topic.

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