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August 17 2007

Zoic Studios' Serenity reels. Eagerly awaiting the Serenity Collector's Edition DVD that's coming out next week? Till then why not pass the time by watching the reels that Zoic Studios put up on their site. The "Before and After" feature is great fun to watch. They've also got some fab "Best of" Buffy, Angel and Firefly videos as well.

And also a Drive video too.

Thanks for making me cry!!

Those were awesome treats.
Whoo-hoo! I got to watch them. Dial-up even. Let them run in the background and then I can watch them smooth.

Thanks, Simon.
You made me watch the movie again. And it was as better as before. Though it still bothers me that the fireworks rocket meant to lift their prayers to heaven is not lit...there's the transition to sparks of a soldering iron and everything, but the liftoff seems to be missing.

So, are those Zoic reels on the special edition too?
"Hey look, we're upside down!"
That was just cooler than cool, I watched all the jossverse vids plus the BSG one & I have to say, Zoic is looking like the future of special effects. Watch your back ILM, you're looking a bit cartoonish by comparison.
Leave it to Joss to hook up with the best.

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Thanks for this link Simon. I watched the Buffy and Angel ones and man they were impressive! Fantastic stuff!

Anonymous1, as an ex-dial-up user, I don't know if you have tried this but if you let the video start, then press the pause button until it fully loads, that seems to work pretty well.
Xane, Thanks for the tip. I'll try that on Nathan's soapnet vid.
The Commercial Reels were fun. I wasn't aware that Zoic was responsible for those amazing HP Photo Ads. Shiny stuff.
If you'd like to direct-download the "Serenity" reel to your desktop as a .mov file, here's the right-click.

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