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August 18 2007

"Harold & Kumar 2" Teaser Online. Teaser features Alyson's HIMYM co-star Neil Patrick Harris, the film will also star Mr Universe himself, David Krumholtz.

Looks pretty funny, incredibly silly and immature yes, but still pretty funny.

Actually Kal Penn (Kumar) is also one of ours: he is most famous for starring in the brilliant film 'The Namesake', but he appeared in Buffy's 'Beer Bad' as one of the de-evolving frat boys.
Wasn't he also on Angel as the telepath that Wolfram & Hart hired to inflict pain on Cordy when she would get her visions.
yeah he did that as well. He is also was in the Van Wilder movies. I haven't seen namesake though, i want to see it!
Funny...a woman I worked with a few months ago mentioned Kal Penn when my Buffy fanaticism (inevevitably) arose...said he'd been in an episode, and she'd gone to high school with him...we got online and found vidcaps from Beer Bad and, sure enough, there he was.

For the record, I love Beer Bad as excellent mid-shelf Buffy stuff. "Foamy" is part of my wife's and my lexicon because of it.

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