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August 18 2007

Nathan's "Outing Riley" comes to DVD on October 30. The DVD release date of Nathan's "Apatovian" gay comedy has been announced for October 30th. And a trailer is posted.

Wolfe Video is a great video company specializing in gay-lesbian movies, and this movie is a riot. Nathan doesn't play gay, but plays the brother of an Irish-Catholic "regular joe" struggling with coming out to his family.

Apatovian meaning it's like something Judd Apatow would make? I *love* it (but not, of course, as much as I love The Fillion)!
I didn't even know about this one. It's now on my Netflix list.
Yeah, "apatovian" as in Judd Apatow. I guess that term is a la Whedonesque in a way. I saw several very positive reviews of Outing Riley comparing it to Apatow's ouevre, and I that that was quite apt.
Not sure about "aptovian" but I liked the movie. I'm having a hard time coming up with the correct adjective because 'sweet' is wrong as well as 'hilarious'. On implies you smile fondly, the other uproariously. It's kind of in between... with the occasional eye roll/groan because something one of the characters did is so true to life it's almost painfull! (That's actually a good thing, in my opinion.)

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