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August 18 2007

New Serenity gear. Hoodie and t-shirt versions with a pic of the cast on the back.

I wish there was a Serenity Collector's Edition DVD cover on the back of a t-shirt. But this will do till that comes along.

Eep, expensive. I'll have to think about this one...
Of course, I'll remember how Universal went after a fan who made T-shirts with the word "Serenity" on it, both in English and Chinese, using a completely different font and so making it an original work. I remember how they had the gall to send her an almost $9K BILL for helping to virally promote their own product.

Yep, corporate big-wigs, surprise. The net makes it easy for us to know and remember your misdeeds. I think I'll pass as a statement.
Why are 11th Hour's designs still infinitely cooler?
Man... That statue of Inara is UGH-LEE.
Good find. I bet people will try and get them signed by the cast.

Hadn't thought of that. Plenty of room on the front and silver permanent marker sigs would look real good on black. And the sleeves etc.

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The sweatshirts are overpriced, but the T-shirts aren't too bad (with the discount).

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Oh I don't think the hoodie is over priced, they usually go for $40 around here, and these are very cute. I would be happier if they were 100% cotton, but 80/20 isn't too bad.

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