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August 19 2007

Adam Baldwin not able to make Dragoncon. His cancelation is due to shooting conflict with his new series Chuck.

This is not surprising. I wondered how that was going to work as soon as Chuck was picked up.
Despite Adam Baldwin being in the show Chuck, I still could get interested in it because it sounded too much like Jake 2.0. But then I saw a commercial and now I am interested.

A woman zips down on wires like Tom Cruise in one of the Mission Impossible movies and stops inches from the floor. Text says Secret Agent or something. Then another person zips down next to her and stops inches from the floor but he is facing the ceiling. He says something like Something about this doesn't seem right. Guess that is Chuck.

Think Jake 2.0 more with the funny.

I'll be checking it out this fall.

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From what I saw 'Chuck' is definitely going for broader humor, I really hope that Adam Baldwin will have the opportunity to show his funny side!

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I think this might be a record cause I checked when he was announced to attend, he was on the line-up for 10 days.
Awww man! :( I was looking forward to getting to see him again.

He totally owes us 2 years in a row now! ;)

But the TV show sounds interesting, I'll definitely have to check it out.

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