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August 19 2007

Viva Laughlin Producer Shakeup. Shakeup leaves former Buffy and Angel producer Stephen S. DeKnight as co-executive producer of the new show with Tyler Bensinger.

Great news for Stephen S DeKnight! And I was already intrigued by the show's premise... so now I'm completely there!
So he's not on Smallville anymore?
Nope. I knew he'd left, (I think there was a news item here about it, several months ago) but, I didn't know where he'd landed.
Occasionally is fun to do check up where's everyone nowadays, and some of hem are even slated a run in Buffy S8:

Joss - Just check the Comicon News, it'll give all the idea where's him now.
Doug Petrie: Still in CSI?
David Fury: 24
Jane Espenson: BSG.
Drew Goddard: Lost, "Cloverfield" and a few things with Joss.
Ben Edlund: Supernatural.
Steven DeKnight: Viva Laughlin.
Mere Smith: Burn Notice
Marti Noxon: Private Practice.
Sarah Fain and Elizabeth Craft: Women's Murder Club
David Greenwalt: was in Moonlight, but left for health reasons.
Rebecca Rand Kishner: last in Gilmore Girls. Don't know where she's headed now.
Drew Z. Greenberg: Dexter
Tim Minear: Last in Drive, not sure what he's doing now.
Jeffrey Bell: Last in Day Break, not sure what he's doing now

Who else, I can't quite recall right now.
Drew Greenberg is no longer with Dexter. I think I read where he moved to but I can't remember now.

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