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August 19 2007

(SPOILER) Brian Lynch podcast about 'After the Fall' and more. Brian Lynch linked this podcast at his most recent MySpace blog wherein he discusses how his first issue of Angel: After the Fall would have blown the budget for the TV show's entire budget for the year.

I'm not sure if anything he says is REALLY a spoiler, but he actually says something about how Joss pushed him to go all out! Oh, and after saying good-bye to Brian Lynch the interviewer ends up mentioning how great the original script for the Buffy movie was (in discussing how movies get messed up).

I've never heard him interviewed before. I like him. He's so... fan-y!
It's spellllllled "Brian". Honest mistake, everyone makes it.

And I am fan-y. I agree, 100%.
I know - why is it that we just feel compelled to double your Y's?

Man, I want to see "Party Truck USA" on TV as soon as is humanly possible - if they can make "Kid Nation," you can surely find backing for this fine, fine show... I haven't listened to the podcast yet, but I'll check it out...

This was a fun interview.
Brian went down on himself. That sir, is talent.
And also the potential name for a movie aimed at todays youth.
Quite funny and easy going interview, like the last one. Thank god it's not called season6 anymore, After the fall sounds alot better.
Too bad that third Spike-series was put on the back-burner.

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