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August 19 2007

Amber Benson interview at After Ellen. "I would love to shake my booty on The L Word. Let's make it happen."

Many of the questions asked were submitted by fans.

She pals around with Juliet Landau. Who knew?
I can't recall--did Dru come back to Buffy at any point after Tara came on? "Fool for Love" and "Crush", as I remember. Amber and Juliet also both appeared on Bravo's 100 Scariest Moments special long about 2000 or so, so they also may have met up there.
Drusilla appaeared often on _angel_d uring that time plus Juliet has done her own "Yentl-project"r ecently and asked Amber for advice.
I love "Antonia's Line," too, and just bought it.
I loved her answer about her non-come back, that it had nothing to do with hard feelings, because there are many myths ranking around this story. And she likes the troika, which is cool...
Ah, but bw, it is also a bit telling, though. I have always felt, with nothing to support my feeling, that if Joss really wanted to bring Tara back and had planned for it, he'd have tied up Amber's contract before the end of S6 so as to ensure her return. That he apparently did not until it was too late to do so may indicate that the idea came later, for whatever reason.

As to the idea that having the contract at all would give away Tara's potential return, look at the current controversy over the fate of Sara Sidle on CSI (and believe me, lose that character and the outcry will be gigantic) and the fact that there has been no information about the status of Jorja Fox's contract (until recently, and even now it is not clear). It can be done that you can hide this kind of information to aid the storyline. Just saying.
bookworm; Fact is Adam, Danny, and Tom seriously hit it off together, since all three are theater and classic film "geek-equivalents." So all three of them were basically stretching the same acting muscles in S-6.
And given that AMber was and as far as I know still is dating Adam steadily, well, the friends kinda have a what microbiologists call taxis in the same direction. They do all seem to have agood bit in common anyway. Although I thought she was closer with Emma than that implied. "Yah vell" as my people say.
Surprised at the time to hear that Amber and Adam ended up being an "item". However, now it seems gently ironic how Hollywood brings people together who might never otherwise even met each other. Like SMG and FPJ, or AH and AD for that matter.

Thinking about is basically one big irony. Kinda' like college, or the Army!

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