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August 20 2007

James Marsters turns 45 today. Happy Birthday!!

Happy birthday James!
Happy Birthday James, hope you have a fantastic solar year.
Happy Birthday James. Hope you're having a great one!
So,it's that time of year again,a very special guy celebrates another year of being on Planet Earth. I wish him health and happiness and lots of success in his new projects for the year.
Hope he is having a great day with his family and friends...and I most sincerely hope he knows how beloved he is by his fandom. the guy Rocks like a very rockin' thing!!!
I'll swear the guy has a portrait in his attic, he's looking so good. Happy Birthday, James; I'm looking forward to all the great projects you have lined up for us.
happy birthday james!!
Happy birthday, JM!
And he doesn't look a day over 134!

Happy birthday, James!
May all your wishes and dreams come true. (Don't worry about my dream of a nice juicy part on a critically acclaimed hour long series for you as soon as possible--no, don't even think of it) This is your day to celebrate another day and another year of being alive and bringing so many good feelings to a lot people. Peace, love, health and happiness today and every day.

ETA: Posted before I caught up with things in the archives and read the Without a Trace news. "Recurring/guest star" on a show I'm barely aware of is good enough for me ;-).

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James is older than I am! James is older than I am!

Er... I mean, Happy Birthday James and many more! ;-)
James is younger than I am! James is younger than I am! (By five days...)

Happy birthday, James! We adore you!
I stopped celebrated birthdays after ... hm, I don't think I ever started actually. Bring on android bodies!
Happy Birthday James !!!!!
You look wonderful. May all of us be lucky enough to age as gracefully as you have.
Best of everything to you...great health, love, happiness, and of course a very long and prosperous life.
You sure deserve it!
Happy Birthday to the wonderful James !
Happy Birthday, James!
As one Sacramento Valley resident to another (he was born in Modesto, a hour's drive from Sacramento), I wish you all the best today!
Happy, happy birthday!
Happy B-day, James! You're one of the hottest fellas who could technically be my father...
Very happy birthday to a guy who just gets better each year!

Looking forward to Without A Trace, Torchwood, PS I Love You, Superman: Doomsday and a second solo album, and enjoyed the recent Shadow Puppets, Saving Grace, and the Dresden audio books. Busy, busy, talented good-looking guy.
Hope your birthday is filled with family and friends and happy times. You look great, you're working, and I'm going to see you in a couple of weeks...lucky you.
Many happy returns, James! Can't wait to see you on Without a Trace this fall.

And, as River would say:

"Day" is a vestigial mode of time measurement based on solar cycles. It's not applicable...I didn't get you anything.
I love you, James!! Have a great birthday and a great year!! I don't know what you wished for, but my wish is that we all get the opportunity to see you on the screen more this coming year. Have a great day!!!!
I love older men! ;-)
Happy Bday to my favorite male Buffy/Angel character! (Sorry Nicky)
Happy Birthday James!!! Looking good. ;0)
Woo hooo! Hard to believe he's anywhere near that age!
Happy Birthday to the nicest, most talented, sexiest actor on any show ever!
Who might possibly be some kind of freaky non-aging immortal.
Happy Birthday James!
Whoa. Spike is forty five?! The man ages well, I'll give him that.
Hope your birthday rocked, James!
Have a Beautiful Birthday Blondie Bear!

Here's hoping joss can convince the right peeps that a few angel tv movies would be in order. then we can only hope that DB leaves Bones cause he misses the WhedonLife and we get a 6th and 7th season of Angel. James marsters only has a few years before he looks too old, and david boreanaz looks about ten years younger since he slimmed down for Bones.

Not dissing my favourite soulful vampire (Puffy Angel worked great in a corporate fat cat kind of way for the 5th Season), but it would be brilliant to come back to the alleyway behind the Hyperion and have Angel have gone through that slight physical transformation. (On account of Hamilton's blood and all)

And we need Vampire Charles Gunn!

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