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August 20 2007

Official website for Felicia Day's (Slayerette Vi) "The Guild". The videogame/humor online TV series' site has posted two YouTube webisodes so far.

In addition to her other contributions, FD plays veteran gamer Cyd Sherman (and in-game Guild character Codex) in the series. The OL gaming humor and fellow player interactions are hilariously right on.

In RL, I had no idea what a massive brain FD is. As well as acting, she dances ballet, plays the violin, and has a degree in mathematics. Geek girls rock. Do they find Joss (and fall in love with his giant squishy lobes?), or is it the other way around?

"You can't grow if you're immersed in an imaginary social environment..."

"Our keyboard chemistry is undeniable!"

I'm not sure if this is a repost, but the first 2 episodes have been posted here before.
True but as far as I can make out the URL for the website hasn't been posted here before on the front page. So because it's Monday and there's no R in the month I've tweaked the headline a little bit.
That was so funny!
Felicia joined

(I read the rules, and we can link to places we're affiliated with in comments)

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