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August 20 2007

Malcolm Reynolds is one of SciFi Now's best TV heroes. The Captain came second in the list, beating Buffy who took eighth place.

I'm sure all the Farscape fans will be pleased to see John Crichton at #10....1 place lower than the 'hoff's Michael Knight!
I was glad to see the Doctor take #4. I haven't seen him on a lot of polls. Then again, maybe I just haven't been paying attention.
Nice typo with James, eh, Kirt there.
I, myownself, could not have denied our Captain the #1 spot.
And I'm an old Trek fan.
Don't necessarily agree with the order of the list, but don't have a quarrel with who's on it.
Just sayin'. :)
Admittedly I'm not as well-versed in the genre as I should be to judge... 3 or 4 of them I've never seen at all... but I wish Jean-Luc had been higher on the list (and Mal for #1, of course)!

(Had to skip quickly past the Adama entry to avoid possible spoilers - the Husband and I are, ever the late adopters, only now about to start season 2.5 on DVD from Netflix. But man, am I loving BSG. I wanna be Starbuck.)
Buffy's inclusion, will always remind me of how polemic the subject of inclusion of BtVS in SciFi is.
There's no doubt on classifying BtVS as a genre show, but I've seen a lot of heated discussion, within Sci-Fi lovers, whether the show should be classified as Sci-Fi.
Well the magazine is British (huzzah!) and here we tend to package sci-fi and fantasy together as ummm sci-fi and fantasy. So in that context, Buffy being a sci-fi show works.
This list sucks less than most pop-culture Top-10 lists. At least there aren't any cartoons involved this time... I, too, am befuddled by the constant James T. Kirk love, but it'd be hard to exclude him when the domain is limited to TV shows.
Huzzah for Mal! Half a season of TV, one movie, and the man comes in second only to James T. Kirk himself. Not bad, says I, not bad.

(And I need to put in a little bit of squee for the Doctor as well. Yay!)
A decent list, although I think it is a crime Jean-Luc Picard is so far down it. The man was a God among fictional characters
I dunno how much I agree with the ordering, but I'll give it to them that they hit several favorites of mine: Mal, Picard, Buffy, and Sam. Kirk's not so shabby either.
I can see why Kirk is ahead of Mal. Star Trek is legendary, and he was the captain on a show that has come back to life more times than Buffy. That being said, I have always thought Picard was the better captain (and much sexier).

That Mal ranked #2 is awesome, espcially considering how brief Firefly/Serenity has been (at least at this point). Still, I would put Buffy up higher on the list - maybe in Adama's place. Adama (via EJO) also deserves to be on the list, but as great as the show is, it's not Buffy. And neither is he.
It's terrifying when Whedonesque is talking about one of your articles...

It's too weird. Like, uber-weird Billy McWeird levels of weird.

To be honest with you all, I'm just happy that none of you have come to my flat with tasers and throwing stars. Boy, my face would've been red...with blood, possibly.

I thought the list turned out okay. Should I say any more?
Michael Knight? Why is he even on the list much less beating out John Crichton???

Buffy will always be the #1 hero on my list.

[ edited by ElectricSpaceGirl on 2007-08-20 20:04 ]
Nice typo with James, eh, Kirt there.

Not to mention Joss Wheldon. I see him more as a rare talent, BTW. Ahem. I'll get me coat.

No idea what Michael Knight's doing on there, that screams quirky, personal choice if anything does but the rest of the list isn't at all bad if slightly skewed towards recent heroes - which is cool cos I haven't charged my taser and am still waiting on a new shipment of throwing stars ;).

Well the magazine is British (huzzah!) and here we tend to package sci-fi and fantasy together as ummm sci-fi and fantasy. So in that context, Buffy being a sci-fi show works.

Well, unless you're some kind of weird pedant cos in that case Buffy being a sci-fi and fantasy show works in that context (since SF&F encompasses fantasy), it's still not sci-fi though. Like I said, if you're some kind of weird pedant ;).
Michael Knight is the only inclusion that jars. Michael Knight beats John Crichton? I think not. I'd choose Spock for that spot. To displace Knight, I'd even choose Manimal!
Not to dis the person on here who's a part of that site, but I read some of the other lists and was nonplussed. Best Dopplegangers leaves Vampire Willow off the list and includes Angent Smith as #1? Also, The Matrix included in the top 10 twists? I didn't realize that it had one. Love the first movie, don't get me wrong, but nothing there shocked me. The Sixth Sense, on the other hand (which was inexplicably left off the list)... let's just say I took a friend to see the movie the day after I saw it just so I could talk about it with him.
It's quite nice reading a top ten list where the people writing it know the shows so well.
^^I only wrote this list.
With the exception of Mal and Buffy (way too far down on the list)& Admiral Adama, I think this list pretty much sucks. Mainly for the exclusion of women, most glaringly Starbuck and Laura Roslin. As well as no one from Babylon5 & as far back as it goes .... the guy from Knight Rider but no Mulder?? Bah Humbug.
Good choices with the possible exception of Michael Knight (from a show that I was never much of a fan of) and if I'm honest I probably wouldn't have included Sam Beckett in there either, and certainly not as high as the fifth position. Buffy, Mal, Crichton, Adama and O'Niell are all obvious choices for me and the Doctor, Kirk and Picard are natural choices for any list of top sci-fi heroes even though I'm not much of a Trek or Who fan, for the most part.

Crichton should have been higher up than that (the guy is a legend) and I'm with Shey on the no-Mulder issue. He should have been there over the Hoff, in my opinion.
^^Well, you know, it's not just one person's opinion in that list. :) It's pretty important to cover a range of people's tastes.

Next issue has an Angel retrospective. Nearly wrote it...but it's too hard to write something you only have love for. Better to write something about a more volatile and dividing show, like Doctor Who.

Still, I'd love the review of the Serenity CE...
Samwel, this sentence sums up Mal as well as I've ever heard:
"What we really love about him is that you can only push him so far, before you can push him no further."
Nicely done.

Shey, maybe they didn't want to have multiple entries from the same show, although I might still rank Starbuck ahead of Adama myself (though I have Roslin on a very different list).

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