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August 20 2007

The man who has designed so many gorgeous browncoat items - like the Can't Stop the Serenity official movie poster - joins QMx in creating official licensed merchandise.

Our lexi is official. Hurrah for lexigeek and his super swellegant designs, and tra-la to QMx for recognizing quality when they see it. *goners heart swells with pride for absent-and-much-missed member*

Have good sex... no, that's wrong.

Go kill the people. Yeah, that's better.
Congratulations Adam! This is too cool. I'll be watching QMx for the brilliant and beautiful designs!
Oh, this is so shiny for Adam! And so deserved!
Congrats Adam!
...also, can't wait to see what you come up with!

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Way to go HatMaster!!
Hubba hubba! Way to go, lexigeek!
Adam = Awesome

All bow to the Hat...

(Now let's get the Dua Khalil T-shirt a wider audience . . .)
Congrats to QMx for getting such a talented guy on their team.
He had time to talk with anyone at B3??? I don't know how!
Kudos to QMX for going after the creative talent that exists in the FANS, and not hiring someone unfamiliar with the properties whose items they are trying to sell.

Congrats Adam!
Aww, you guys are makin' me feel all loved an' stuff. Definitely going to have to do something to remedy that right quick!

Seriously, though, stay tuned ... I actually do have some really cool stuff up my sleeve at the moment that hopefully I'll be able to show y'all really soon.
Congrats to Adam! I can't wait to see the Christmas presents, er, creations from QMx in the next few months.

Now they just need to hire 11th Hour too.
Congratulations, Adam!

I was just contemplating the other day how much of my money QMx are getting already. Looks like that's only gonna increase! I'd better start saving.
Congratulations Adam/lexigeek! It is always great to hear of good things happening for talented people.

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