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August 20 2007

DST cancels planned 6" Buffy figure series. Including the Judge wave (Oz, Drusilla and Robin Wood with a collectible multi-part Judge figure) and the Revamped series of dioramas.

That's really too bad, I'd have bought the Drusilla and maybe a Wood to customize it into Gunn. But it's probably just as well, I'd have ended up buying the whole line for the Judge figure and I really don't need more Oz's!

I hope they uncancel this, I'll put down a preorder to help.
If they announce they're also not going to release the remaining Deluxe Willow figures (beyond the ones arriving in stores imminently), then this may mean that the entire Buffy license is being abandoned.
Nooooooo! I rarely comment on articles, but this makes me sad. I was going to buy the set for my birthday. What good does a BCC membership do me if they're not going to have any new merchandise?
I can't say I'm shocked at the news, though I am disappointed. Buffy sales have been sluggish across the board for quite a while now. Without a show to back them up, it seemed like only a matter of time.
Actually, I am a little surprised at the news given how well the comics are selling. Different audience?
I think the drop in sales has more to do with how some of the waves have been handled than the show being gone. For instance, the Wesley wave. Five variations that really weren't that different or exciting. Then there was the lone Fred figure. Also, I love Oz as a character and was willing to buy the whole set to build the Judge, but they had two figures where he was just wearing a different t-shirt.

The comics are also a good point. Couldn't they have advertised in the comics?
I have to say I'm glad they're quitting - They've completely ignored the Angel license for around 2 years now, and they've always refused to make series regulars like Gunn for no clear reason.

I hope someone else gets the licenses and shows some respect for Angel, instead of treating it like Buffy's little brother. In fact, I hope the shows are split between two different license-holders, like with the current comics. That's the only way Angel will be given the respect it deserves.
But... Angel was BtVS little brother, well spin-off wise...

Runs... and duck debris from cowmuf....

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