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"People were fighting on me"
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August 20 2007

TV Summer School: How to Have an Overall Deal. E! interviews Tim Minear about overall deals, his new secret show, and another possible project with Todd Holland.

Plus, there is a poll with a glaring inaccuracy.

LOL! I had to pick the glaring inaccuracy, just because it's so funny. I wonder if they included it on purpose cuz it seems a little tongue-in-cheek. ;-D

Tim: In fact, a network president just called me before I called you, and said, "We really want your thing."

Please, Mr. Network President, buy his thing!
I think the glaring inaccuracy was a joke. But notice how many votes the joke has received! (Perhaps they're all votes with tongues-in-cheek like yours, cabri.) But poor Tim. Perhaps when his time comes, someone will carve on his tombstone, "No, for the last time, I never worked on . . ."

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I think the last poll item was put in as a joke. And 14% of the people who responded either got the joke and voted for it....or didn't, and voted for it.

A new Tim "thing"? I'm always up for it, but every time I look at my single-season DVD of Firefly, my single-season DVD of Wonderfalls, and the spaces in my collection where the DVDs of The Inside and Drive SHOULD be, I get a little sad and wonder, "How can I go through this again?" Nonetheless, hope springs eternal. Go Tim!
I'm always ready to jump on the bandwagon of new Mineary goodness.
I feel 100% certain that poll option was a joke.
I'm totally on board to do it all again. Yay Tim and his New Thing!
I love everything Tim does, but it's his work on Buffy that will always be closest to my heart...

*dies* Best fake poll option ever!
That fake poll option is awesome. It certainly had me doing a double take.

I want to know more about Tim's new show! And it's his own original concept, awesome! I hope it gets picked up and doesn't get cancelled. It's perseverance that leads to success, so I believe someday Tim will land a hit.
I am so totally calling Tim's new thing his "Little Dinghy."
Ma fav is: "I can watch it!"
And as of this moment, "Little Dinghy" it shall be.

I'm sure that the poll option was meant as a joke, but it just sort of struck me that you have to be a REALLY big Whedon/Minear fan/nerd to get that, and many people probably just picked their favourite show... assuming he worked on all of them.
jfhlbuffy, that is why it is so funny. Only a few will get it.

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