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"Oh no. Is that dragon thing behind me?"
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August 20 2007

That Joss Whedon Comic-Con panel in full. Couldn't get to see him last month? Well there's now a full length fan video you can watch on YouTube (via the ever great su_herald).

Mmm, I've been hoping for this for a long time.
That's a kick, I thought YouTube videos couldn't be any longer than ten minutes, but I guess there are exceptions.
The Herald got Whedonesqued? Well, that'll teach me to ignore my flist. LOL!

Thanks for the link!
You can have a video longer than ten minutes if you're a Director, I believe.
Sweet! Thanks a lot!
Okay, some TV and movie executives need to watch this video, especially the beginning. This is the man who can make them MONEY $$$ (i.e. the only thing suits understand).
Thanks to this video, I now have the accurate verbatim transcript of what he said about Goners. Heh.

Why is nobody commenting this?

Is this old news you all already knew?!

Yeah, that's old news, FaithsTruCalling.

But watching this video I just got chills listening to the response to it.
Caroline, I know exactly what you mean. The joy and appreciation from the audience in response to Joss mentioning Ripper was really unbelievable. Hard to acknowledge that he was talking about a single television movie on the BBC. You would think he had just announced he had confirmed a Spike/Faith/Illyria series with a seven season commitment. It just goes to prove how popular the Buffyverse still is and how much we want more televised action to enjoy.

Now, if we can just ensure that Ripper does well enough to merit a Giles series...
Thanks so much for finding and posting this, Simon. It's so sweetly chills-making (to paraprhase Caroline) to hear and see Joss and bask in the response to what he says. FaithsTruCalling, it may be old news to many of us now about Ripper, but I'm still with you on the huge excitement about it. I haven't yet gotten over that.

Khaotik, from your mouth to the Joss's and the BBC overlords' ears.
I'm imagining a 'Joss Whedon' night on BBC 2, like the one they did for Star Trek, with the Ripper movie as its centrepiece and a big reunion show for all the casts (during which there are impromptu Shakespeare readings) and lots of bloopers.

What? I can dream, can't I?
Thanks to the OP of this. I really wanted to see what one of these was like; I've never been to a comie-dragon-queen-con-thing panel before and wondered what they'd be like. I came away thinking a lot less is shared in an hour than what I had thought (hoped) would be shared in an hour.

As I watched I wondered what questions I'd have...and I wondered this because I felt sorry for Joss having to answer some questions I thought were redundant or unfun...and in feeling this way I'd not want to reproduce the effect. I'm most interested in, I find, Joss The Story Teller - in how he does the things he does. I enjoy, nay...LOVE Joss' commentary on episodes and Serenity - so I think I was hoping for something closer to that. And I realize my questions would probably follow suit. And then I realize I'd likely ask a question that'd be boring for most attendies. And being a good human being who recognizes that I'm not the only one there to enjoy Joss, probably wouldn't ask a question at all because it's not the Me-Joss hour.

I did not like seeing Joss booed. These are Joss fans, I know, I know. Still, I just didn't. I don't worship the man, I like him sure enough, but being booed - by loved ones - icky. And yet, how does a crowd, in unison, devise a stately, loving critique with as few a words as possible? And in walks the "stately, loving, critique-boo," I guess. And yet, yeah, still didn't like seeing it.

I'm trying to put my finger on exactly what it was that left me feeling like Joss wasn't treated the way I wanted him to be treated. And I think I might have it: Here's this man I admire placed in a forum that seems a touch greedy in the "what can you do for me" way. I'm not daft enough to forget what is lost in video and why live events blow recorded one's away: energy. And the energy was probably "all good." Nevertheless, it seems from my afar viewing perch like the love is more for what the man can do and less for the man himself. Maybe that's the nature of the crowd beast?

I'm happy for Joss the forges of creation are being stoked. Hurray for heem!

And, in parting, a giant head moved with precise timing to obscure Joss' shirt at the end - I missed the quote on it (shirt, not head). Anyone have that? Was it about Vikings? Darn giant heads!
The shirt is a drawing of Dandelion from Joss' online comic Sugarshock. She is wearing a shirt that says "NOT A VIKING".
Commenting again with a thank you for the link, Simon. I've never been to one of those things (and you know if I had been there, I'd have asked about Lindsey) but I just got through watching the vid and I have to agree with RhaegarTargaryen on this:

I'm not daft enough to forget what is lost in video and why live events blow recorded one's away: energy. And the energy was probably "all good." Nevertheless, it seems from my afar viewing perch like the love is more for what the man can do and less for the man himself.

It must be very daunting to be onstage in front of an untold number of people and answer questions he's probably heard a thousand times and will probaly be asked a thousand more. Yet Joss did it with his incomparable style and wit and much humility. I admire that greatly.

It was wonderful hearing the reaction to his announcement of Ripper and I'm looking forward to that. I love that he loved Illyria and wrote most of her scenes. Amy Acker totally blew me away with her performance as the God-king and I wish we could have seen more of her because it was amazing.

God, I miss Angel, more so with each new season of television that flies by. I love Supernatural, I do but...I miss Angel and I suppose I always will.
RhaegarTargaryen: I'm kinda with you on what you're saying. Overall I really enjoyed watching the vid and seeing how Joss can work the crowd (which he is a consummate master at) and what he said too. But there were certain places where I did cringe in places at some of the questions asked and the crowd's reaction. But then I'm like that , I guess.

If you've ever watched the Q&A on the Serenity R4 DVD , you'll hear some one making deliberate snoring noises at one point. I can't remember if it was during what Joss was saying or it was during a question that someone asked from the crowd but it was exceedingly rude behaviour. Joss noticed, of course, but I can't quite remember how he reacted.
Yeah, thanks for the link, Simon. I loved watching this, and finally - to get all the quotes exactly right - but I confess than in at least three places I had to stop the vid for a second and cringe to myself.... I believe "eeesssshh" is the sound that is automatically produced by this feeling.

The good thing about vids is that you can stop them for a sec while you go, "Euw, euw, euw." In real life, I just wanna crawl under my seat until the person goes away.

I'm not usually such a sensitive flower - but I loathe the "dance, monkey, dance" kindof audience groupthink, and Q & A's can unearth any old thing - like lifting a rock - and they usually do.
There were uncomfortable places for me, too.

On the flip side, it was very nice to hear some people thank him before asking their questions, and to hear the cheers after he announced plans for Ripper.
I had read Joss's take on bringing Tara back several times, yet I was completely unprepared for the onslaught of tears that burst out when I saw him tell it.

I'm not privy to all the machinations that prevented it from happening, but DAMN! What heartless being could resist that pitch?
Willowy, I don't think it was never pitched.... Joss never told Amber his plans because of the secrecy/avoiding spoilers. And Amber had 'Ghosts of Albion' happening in England, needing her to be there to cast voice actors. Even if she had known how great it would be, I'm not sure she would have been prepared to give up everything that was already set up on her exciting new project.
Sometimes it just doesn't work out.
Hey, there! I was the guy who filmed the video. Sorry for all the shakiness and constant "Woo!"ing. And, RhaegarTargaryen, that big head made me sooo sad. It is indeed a Sugar Shock shirt, and on the back it said "Kissy Th' Face," I believe. I have another Joss Whedon video on my YouTube page. It has Peter David at the beginning of it, but then it cuts to me geeking out over seeing Joss Whedon. Here's the video. He also signed my Buffy poster "To my love-child, Joe." Well, first he said he'd sign the poster, then he accidentally knocked it out of my hand and said "...or maybe not." Sorry. I'm geeking out. It was my first brush with real celebrity greatness.... Unless you count that time I yelled "You were the bomb in Spy Kids, yo!" to Danny Trejo.

Anyway, glad everyone enjoyed the video!

Hugs and fishes,
Aloha Joe

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